Nov 24, 2009

Financial Times - MBA Ranking-Global MBA 2009

1. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
2. London Business School
3. Harvard Business School
4. Columbia Business School
5. Insead
6. Stanford University GSB
7. IE Business School
8. Ceibs
9. MIT: Sloan
10. New York University: Stern
11. University of Chicago GSB
12. Iese Business School
13. Dartmouth College: Tuck
14. IMD
15. Indian School of Business
16. Hong Kong UST Business School
17. University of Cambridge: Judge
18. Esade Business School
19. Yale School of Management
20. University of Oxford: Saïd
21. Northwestern University: Kellogg
22. Duke University: Fuqua
23. University of Michigan: Ross
24. Emory University: Goizuet
25. Nanyang Business School
26. Rotterdam School of Man., Erasmus University
27. Lancaster University Management School
28. University of Virginia: Darden
29. HEC Paris
30. UCLA: Anderson
31. UC Berkeley: Haas
32. Manchester Business School
33. Australian Graduate School of Management
34. Cornell University: Johnson
35. National University of Singapore School of Business
36. Cranfield School of Management
37. Warwick Business School
38. SDA Bocconi
39. Imperial College Business School
40. Georgetown University






Distance Learning

Distance learning provides a number of alternative approaches. One form, often described as Distance Learning, is effectively a type of part-time programme. Infrequent but regular attendance is required and there are time schedules and group involvement. The content and quality of these programmes is dependent upon the local delivery and the quality of the local student group. Whoever is offering the course and however prestigious they are, this is a critical aspect to probe. True Distance Learning basically involves conventional home study, supported by a variety of aids and Tutorial support. High quality Distance Learning MBA programmes, although sometimes dismissed as correspondence courses offer a lot of advantages.

Most programmes offer a realistic level of time flexibility and can be studied in remote locations and even if you move during the course. They provide access to acknowledged centres of excellence and one of the features you should look for is that the same course is delivered in the home territory. Distance Learning is available for all levels of skill and knowledge, whether training or education. Distance Teaching is probably the best for practical skills, when detailed feedback on performance and performance improvement is required. Distance Learning is very effective for courses leading to professional qualification or degrees. It is most relevant when you require access to a large body of knowledge and feedback on assignments, presented as written reports, is appropriate. There are a wide variety of Distance Learning courses, of both types, offered by UK institutions.

A critical question of how you can assess the quality of MBA Distance Learning programmes. Where possible look first for equivalence. Some UK Universities, like Durham, offer their MBA programmes through a variety of routes. Although the process is different the end result is the same. For a Distance Learning programme the course offered is defined by the course material and is therefore open to inspection. All students should get the same experience so check most carefully that the same programme is offered in the institution’s home territory, this is one of the strongest indicators of a quality programme. Access to these programmes is probably more realistic for relatively isolated students. Independent guidance can also be given by professional institutions or organisations such as AMBA or professional institutions, who represent the participants view impartially.

Nov 20, 2009

Financing your MBA

Financing your MBA
The best MBA program for you is one that you can afford! Ensure that the following considerations have been dealt with before making your final decision:
Is the tuition within reason and am I aware of absolutely all the costs involved?
Other obvious expenses are for living and traveling, but there may be others involved in a particular program.
Will a loan be necessary, and if so, how will I repay it including the interest.
How long will it take me to repay such a loan?
In short, the financial burden, even of the best MBA program, is of utmost importance and should be treated as such.
The best MBA program will suit your physical conditions
If you think you have found the best MBA program, test it according to these criteria to see whether it meets with all the following:
Can you do the program in two years or will you need more time (money, assistance, etc.)
Is there a shortened course available and can you do it as far as your own aptitude and skills allow?
Will you need to travel daily or even live in a foreign country?
Is the time-line suitable as far as starting date?
To determine which of the MBA programs is best for you, all of these questions must be answered. See which of the programs positively addresses all of your needs, requirements and desires for the optimal education that you are seeking.
The chance to enroll in a top Grade a business school is a dream that any potential student may see as impossible to turn away from. But if, indeed, such an opportunity presents itself, all of the above questions must be asked and answered frankly. Often enrolling in an MBA program at one of the top school is regretted because of difficulties in any of the areas mentioned. The student must then live with the consequences and even the best school or program will not be advantageous. Make sensible choices according to real parameters.

MBA Program

Best MBA Program
Just as there are people of diversified backgrounds, personalities, potentials and desires, it would be safe to say that the number and types of MBA programs that are available on today's market are just as varied. Those wishing to obtain an MBA degree will find a myriad of options and it is, indeed, important to weigh each program's specific advantages according to personal requirements and desires. Here are some guidelines to help choose the best MBA program for you:

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How your best MBA program will Impact on your lifestyle
How will this be the best MBA program as far as affecting my personal/social/religious/family life?
Will I be able to keep on working?
Will studying allow me time to do other things that I love?
Expectations from the best MBA program
Even though the same basic elements are found in almost all the programs, syllabi may vary from program to program. Check carefully and ask yourself questions that require actual and true soul-searching.
Are the courses I want to learn included in this program?
My chosen career requires me to learn certain topics –are these topics included in the syllabus?
Are practical training and on-the job experience included in this program?
Will I enjoy the elective options offered in this program? Are they appropriate for my needs?
Is this the best MBA program for me as far as my own personal aptitude is concerned –will I be successful?

Nov 3, 2009

MBA in Australia

Australia has emerged as a popular destination for higher education because of its strong educational infrastructure, a high quality of life, and relatively lower expenses.
Australian degrees are gaining increased acceptance in the global arena, particularly in the Pacific rim countries. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, together with the cosmopolitan charisma of cities like Sydney and Melbourne – Australia could be the ideal destination for you.
Business Schools like Melbourne Business School have been ranked among the best in the world and the MBA programs offered by them are popular with students worldwide.

Bachelor Degree:

Most Australian business schools accept the three-year graduation system for entry into the MBA programme. So, if you have a three-year bachelor degree like Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or Bachelor of Science (BSc), this is acceptable as it is considered equivalent to an Australian Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree.
For most good Universities, a good first degree from a leading university in India or its equivalent is essential.
There are some universities that accept students for the MBA without a bachelor degree if they have considerable work experience and significant professional achievements.

Work Experience:

Most Australian business schools require a minimum of two to three years of work experience. This is essential.

AMBA Accredited MBA Programs:
All AMBA accredited MBA programmes require a minimum of three years of full-time work experience.

No Work Experience:
There are around five to six Australian business schools that accept students who have no experience for direct entry into the MBA programme.


GMAT is accepted and recommended by many universities. However, many Australian universities are flexible about this criterion and this is not a mandatory requirement for admission to many Australian MBA programmes.
So, unless, you aiming for top schools like Melbourne Business School, you need not worry about the GMAT.
We would however recommend you to take GMAT and improve your chances in good universities.


You need to take either the TOEFL or IELTS for admission to an MBA program in Australia. This is required for almost all universities. This mandatory for most business schools even if you have studied in English medium throughout.

Some schools waive this criteria after a personal interview.

IMPORTANT: IELTS is compulsory requirement for Australian student visa for students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many other countries. So even if you get an admission without IELTS score, you will not get a student visa without IELTS score.

MBA is in Great Demand of All Online Study Programs For Professional Development

Nothing is beyond the influence of the internet. The internet has emerged as an all-conquering super power in the 21st century. It has taken art and commerce, science and technology, education and entertainment to next level. To keep up with the pace of this evolution in every field, everyone is concerned with the development of his or her academic and professional career. In the dog-eat-dog world, career-conscious individuals move ahead of others to acquire additional qualifications. Online study has supported their steps.

It is not wrong to consider online career enhancement courses a stepping ahead. Multiple colleges and universities have turned up with numerous study programs to cater to the needs of career aspirants. Online learning programs are designed with adherence to the standard of global education. An online course adds to one's expertise and excellence in a particular field of work. It is a good opportunity to pursue a course of your interest from a prestigious institute of your choice vial online.

There are many professional development courses for corporate executives and professionals. Corporate sector is a field of neck-to-neck competition where everyone is trying to outsmart the other for promotion. MBA is in high demand from these individuals in the age of rat race. Management is the key to the operation of different domains of corporate. There is no alternative to management programs for persons aspiring for managerial position at their workplace.

You need to do specialization in a particular field to choose a particular path to progress in career. Both diploma and degree programs with specialization in management are available online. Many young executives with a few years of work experience are turning to online study courses due to lack of time and work pressure. It gives them flexibility to maintain their regular jobs and pursue online courses simultaneously.
Online management programs are no less valuable than traditional management courses. An online management diploma and degree program offered by an accredited college or university is focused on managerial skills, communication skills, marketing and selling skills. An online MBA qualification keeps the pursuers a few steps ahead on the ladder of success and progress.

Which MBA format is better? Full Time MBA vs. Part Time MBA vs. Online MBA.

Being in a business school it has become more clear to me on what MBA offers to an average student. Masters in Business Administration (MBA) offers two important things: Academic education and Networking. Two primary reasons why one would pursue an MBA are career change and career augmentation. However there are mainly three types of program to chose that you want to pursue: Full time MBA, Part time MBA, and Online MBA.And often a valid question is asked – which MBA is right for me? Full Time or Part Time or Online.

Well this question needs to be answered from different perspective. Let’s take a closer look: Each one of the program types (FT, PT & ON) puts different weights on the amount of each part (education and networking) of the MBA so your decision should be based on which part you think will be more important. Which one you should find more important should be based on the reason you chose an MBA.

A full-time MBA program will probably give you equal parts education and networking. A part-time MBA program will give you more education than networking – probably a 65%/35% split in favor of education. An online MBA program will give you even more education than networking than the part-time program – probably a 30%/70% split.

According to me, Full-time programs always offer “better” than part-time and online programs simply because full-time means you’re 100% immersed in the action. If you want to change your career, you want as much networking as you can get. If you want to augment your career or in other words just go up the ladder without disrupting your career, you’ll want as much education as you can and as little networking as you’ll need (your work is your network in this case). In fact, if education is all you want, save yourself the cash and enroll in the Personal MBA.

Ultimately, it comes down to who you know (networking) and how well you perform when the opportunity is presented to you. All the education in the world – even from higher ranked schools (be it from Harvard or Stanford) won’t help you if you don’t know your stuff – the MBA is not a ticket to free lunch. Remember there’s no free lunch in the world! In fact, a lot of very rich and successful businessmen and women have no more than a high school diploma.

These are just my views. Please feel free to share yours!

Advantages of an Online MBA

Is It Time for Your MBA?

The Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA) has long been recognized as essential for those who plan to analyze markets and trends, work in a management capacity or in any business oriented profession. If you plan to work in business but just don�t have the time to return to school in order to get your degree in the classroom, an online MBA may just be the perfect fit for your busy schedule and will help you get the tools you need to get ahead.

Why Study Online?

The online MBA degree can be completed easily online. Online education has grown in popularity because it makes higher education accessible those who can�t attend school full time as a result of conflicts with work or personal constraints like children. The online MBA gives you the flexibility to study when you want and from where you want. Just think, as a working professional, you can study after a warm dinner at your kitchen table. Busy moms can study while the kids are in camp or during their nap time. You will be able to stay connected with fellow students and professors through the internet which makes keeping up to date easy and fast. If you have questions about homework, online chats can make it that much easier to get help right away.

Within the online MBA degree program, students often choose a focus such as technology, finance or health systems. Specific training provides important tools for working in a certain sector. You will find your online MBA provides you with a wealth of useful skills that will help you in the workplace and in many other areas of your life.

Benefits of Getting an MBA

Why Should I Get an MBA?

The Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA) is essential for those who plan to work in a management capacity or in any business oriented profession. The degree is ideal for any individual who plans to open their own business or influence business decisions in any way on a local, national or international level. The degree is competitive and involves a lot of hard work however with online degrees becoming more and more popular, there are many ways to make getting your degree both more cost effective and time sensitive which makes the whole education process less stressful and difficult to manage.

Just Some of the Many Benefits of Getting an MBA.

Within the MBA degree program, students often focus such as technology, finance or health systems. Specific training provides important tools for working in a specific part of the business sector. If you are already established in your field, this is an especially useful component of the degree that will help you to better understand your industry. Individuals who have earned an MBA may work in a number of capacities and across many industries and sectors applying business knowledge and management skills to their work. The MBA is tremendously beneficial to those who want to work in management in one of many sectors as it provides tremendous flexibility. Individuals with an MBA generally find that they are well compensated and their earning potential increases greatly as their career progresses. The MBA degree can be completed in the traditional classroom and online which is a format that has grown in popularity and made advanced education more accessible for those who can�t attend school full time.

Online MBA Degree Programs

The decision to pursue an Online MBA could not be made at a better time. Employers today are demanding more education from their employees than ever before. An accredited online MBA degree will carry significant value in any organization's hiring and career advancement decisions. Plus, there is a direct correlation between higher salaries and earning and MBA.

In difficult economic times, going back to school to build new skills -- and make yourself more attractive to future employers -- becomes extremely popular, even for people with full-time jobs. MBAs are especially popular since the degree is usually meant to prepare someone for more advanced, leadership roles in business (or even government). But is an MBA degree worth the extra years of schooling -- especially when you could be spending that time working full-time?

At first glance, the numbers indicate that the answer is a definite yes. A recent survey of accounting/financial workers of varying skill and seniority levels found that CFOs without a degree had an average salary of only $38,920, those with a Bachelors Degree earned $88,836, and MBAs earned an average of $104,284. The return on investment for an MBA certainly seems worthwhile. Some studies indicate the MBAs earn up to 145% more over their lifetime than non-degree holders. So getting your MBA, while sometimes expensive, is certaining economical.

However, there are many mitigating factors affecting an online MBA. Keep in mind that the salary figures quoted above are fairly flexible and can vary widely based on a number of factors. For instance, the type of work you're going into can make a huge difference; consulting jobs will often pay more than finance/accounting jobs, though each could have a different compensation/bonus structure. Your previous experience also speaks volumes. If you're fresh out of business school and go hunting for an investment banking job after years in a marketing firm, odds are good that your starting salary will be much lower than someone with greater comparable experience.

An online MBA is still a very good idea. The numbers are still very persuasive. Statistics from the Graduate Management Admissions Council (the folks who administer the GMAT) indicate that in many cases someone's pre- and post-MBA salary can jump 50% or more. For example, someone working in marketing making an average of $42,000 before getting their MBA can make an average of $80,000 after receiving their degree. That's nearly doubling your money!

An MBA may not be equivalent to a winning lottery ticket, but the odds are good that your earnings will increase after earning your degree -- making those extra years of school worthwhile. Just be sure that you're pursuing the right degree for the right reasons and, of course, good luck with that graduate school application!


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