Dec 3, 2013

Tips To Create An Effective Professional Resume

As the job market is competitive, it has become actually hard to get a excellent job. Employers are often busy with a large quantity of resumes for a single vacancy. So, posting sufficient resume is not adequate to get a good job. You must create a professional resume to make yourself stand out among candidates and get into the eyes of the employer.

There are some valuable tips that one should keep in his mind while making a professional resume:

1) Avoid Complicating Things:   
A resume does not need any color or graphics to create sense to the employer. It should be small, crisp and should only include the main sections such as your skills, experience, education qualification etc that is necessary by the employer.

2) Avoid Mentioning Contact Information In the Header:
Various resume databases do not obtain the contact information from the header of the resume. So avoid putting the contact information in the header because if your resume selected, the employers will unable to contact you.

3) Use Standard Formats:
Resumes typically follow a standard format i.e. DOC or DOCX which is used by most of the employers as well. So be stick to these basic formats else it may point to errors.

4) Templates And Tables Should Be Avoided:
Using a standard format and avoiding any particular template makes editing easy for the employer also. Recruiters usually need to alter your resume like insert a company logo etc before transfer it to the client for the final approval.

5) Length of Resume:
The resume should neither be too long nor too short. It should be on one page or two only. Try to make it short with the key points mentioned appropriately.

6) Do not state Any Irrelevant or Outdated Work Experience:
This is actually vital; never mention any irrelevant work experience that is not linked to the job profile that you are applying for, as it may turn out to be barrier in acquiring the job even if you are well experienced.
7) Key Facts Should Be Mentioned At The Top:
Recruiters don't have enough time to seen the entire resume of each and every candidate. So, make sure that you show all the key facts like the relevant work experience or any type of certification at the top of the resume so that it can grab the attention of the recruiter at the very first glance.

8) Use Common Fonts With Appropriate Size:
This is really essential, as a lot of employers still prefer the resume to be in normal font and size i.e. Times New Roman with a font size of 11 or 12. So, make sure you submit your resume in standard font and size for the ease of the employer.

Always keep in mind that resume is the most vital document to get a good job in the market. If you are facing any complexity in making a professional resume, you can always take help of some professionals or online resume building app to make effective professional resume.

Distance Education- Way to fulfill dreams of Higher Education

Distance learning has always been measured a poor choice of standard schooling or college; however, it is evident that distance learning has made it feasible for various students to complete their academic dreams that aren't possible otherwise. Distance Study gives an opportunity to students to continue their education while doing their jobs or to those who fail to do a full-time course for different other reasons such as financial problems or poor health. Apart from this, there are many more benefits that make distance learning suitable and realistic program for several. Here, we have mentioned some points on why distance learning is a simple way of fulfill your dream of higher studies.

The major benefit of distance learning is that you can study as well as earn in the same time. This lavishness isn't permitted in regular courses in which attendance is always a big problem with students. You can complete the syllabus in your own time and professionally balance between study time and job timings. With distance learning, you can get higher education degree such as MBA and found your job just after graduation, growing your job experience as well as increasing your work and professional knowledge.
Save Time and Energy:
You can save time and energy as distance learning doesn't need to commute every day. If you are based in a location where higher studies have always been a distant vision, you can also go for other professional courses like MBA correspondence or distance education. Therefore, cut your time and efforts that you can spend in more worthwhile matters such as getting practical experience in your desired field of interest.

Study at your own tempo:
There is no need to compete with class toppers and you can secretly carry your preparation and obtain marks that wouldn't have been possible with worry of daily projects and assignments. So you can study at your own pace which suitable to you. Distance learning helps you comfort of leaning as per your accordance.
Saves Money:
As compare to regular courses, the fees of distance learning courses make them more lucrative. A regular MBA course would cost you almost 05-10 lakhs whereas MBA distance course would be done in a few thousands. Therefore, students who aspire to pursue higher degrees for good future but are limited due to monetary constraints can take help of distance education and work towards the path of fulfilling their dreams.

With study material of distance courses which offered online, login anytime to read the course material. You can also submit your assignments around the clock and even communicate your queries with your virtual class fellows through video conferencing. Also, you have right to use all subject materials, topics/chapters that interests you anytime.

In nations like India/Pakistan/Bangladesh where graduation is necessary for basic jobs and where the number of applicants is more then the job positions available, continue your studies through distance learning make you skillful of better jobs and better salary.



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