Dec 25, 2009

Online Accredited MBA Degrees & Programs

The MBA can lead to a wide variety of important posts in industry, education, and in government. In fact, a rising number of corporate executive officers (CEOs) and corporate financial officers (CFOs) proudly list their MBA degrees among their many accomplishments. Almost every industry in the country depends on people with MBA programs in their backgrounds to help lead their enterprises into the future.
The online MBA programs allow busy executives or entry level beginners to study at their own paces and in their own ways as they move towards this important degree. Receiving online MBA degrees will prepare you for further responsible positions in all business fields and can help you land a job in a management position. You can find several MBA programs online today that will help you earn the respect you deserve. Now you can receive the worlds best known and most widely recognized post graduate degree online. Yes, you can earn an online MBA degree. MBA degrees are professional degrees that are usually intended for individuals that work in business and management.
Are you trying to decide if you should get an online MBA degree?
The MBA degree is a document that will certify that you have a basic competency in all the major management roles that are found in today’s modern corporation. Usually people with a MBA degree can advance their careers in a number of industries and usually command higher salaries.
When is the best time to get an online MBA degree?
Yes, you can go straight through school and obtain your MBA degree. Most companies, though, will want to see some experience in the workplace. So, it may even be harder to find employment than if you just had a bachelors degree. Now, if you are out of school with a bachelor’s degree and have worked in your place of employment and would like to further your career with more exact study in a certain field, then an MBA degree would help you further your career. You already have experience in the field and you will be learning on the new innovative studies in today’s business management world by enrolling in an MBA program online. You may also feel like you are in a dead end job and are wanting to change careers, an MBA degree could also help you with making this adjustment and finding that perfect job. You will be able to find schools online that will fit into your schedule, so you can keep your job and go to school online. Earning an MBA degree online is better for those employed that need to study when not at work. Schools online are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience. You will be able to download all work and information directly from the website and then study at your own pace.
What kinds of online MBA degree can I find online?
You will need to decide what type of MBA degree you are interested in earning. Are you more interested in a general MBA or a more specialized MBA? Earning a general MBA will not take as long as a specialized one but you will be more marketable with a specialized degree. Some of the major MBA degrees you will find online are: Accounting, , Economics, Marketing and Organizational behavior.
You will be able to find online MBA degrees that are more specialized than the general topics above that can help further your career. Be sure to research the MBA program for the qualifications that you are seeking to learn. Talk with your employer or school counselor before proceeding on an advanced career.
There is evidence that having an MBA degree will give you more leverage in achieving new job titles and salaries. Often, people with mba degrees will be able to work fewer hours and have a better quality of life.

How do I Apply For An Online MBA Degree
The one thing that you must NOT do is apply to the first online school you find that "appears" to meet your needs. Firstly you are making an investiment so you need to "shop around" for the best online MBA degree. This does not mean the cheapest. It means that you should take some time to compare a number of schools to see exactly what they offer. Remember that these online schools are fighting for your take your time and choose wisely. Apart from acceditation, and subjects you need to consider the course times to see if they fit your busy schedule.

Dec 18, 2009


Different for different prospects: The EMBA course is aimed at experienced executives who prefer not to take a career break to take a full-time MBA and typically require significant business experience to gain admission. The regular MBA course is generally taken by candidates with relatively lesser work experience. On the other hand the EMBA course is generally taken up by experienced people who want to augment other skills/knowledge areas.

The Course Content: Courses offered in an EMBA program are normally the same as those taught in traditional MBA programs "" accounting, finance, statistics, and management, marketing and information systems. However, EMBA courses are enhanced by the extensive professional experience of the participants and are uniquely structured to cover management principles at a much higher level of enterprise complexity. MBA courses groom managers and EMBA are geared towards preparation for the Vice President/President/CEO/COO role. In addition, senior faculty experienced in teaching and consulting are employed as principal instructors.

The Duration of the courses: Regular MBA is a full time course spread around 2 years. There is a specialization to be chosen at the end of one year. The course content contains exhaustive subjects about the management career. The EMBA course is spread around 18-21 months which includes regular contact points which allow students to attend the classroom coaching as well as complete the various projects and assignments.

Advantages of the programs: In terms of advantages the regular MBA program helps to you to broaden your horizons with respect to purposeful core areas whereas the EMBA program helps you to take advantage of promotions in the existing firm or accomplish value additions in your career. If you want to
choose the right management career path, it is necessary to decide whether you want to plunge yourself totally into the functional aspects of management or want to partly acquire the knowledge keeping your core area constant.

How will you solve the Dilemma:
If you are still in two minds you might as well take up employment after graduation and decide in a year or two. You could then choose to continue with your existing employment and pursue an EMBA or diversify from your field and take up a full time MBA.

The Funding Aspect: A unique aspect of an EMBA program is that the funding can be done from your pocket. The high quality of faculty, facilities and support staff required to provide a successful EMBA program dictates that such programs include an investment by the participant"s sponsoring organization. Program costs are modest in comparison to the benefits yielded. In the majority of cases, students are sponsored fully, or in part, by their employers. Employers understand the competitive advantage they gain from having an employee whose management skills have been brought to the highest possible level. Students who are not sponsored by their companies often qualify for loans, scholarships, and/or other financial aid.

Dec 7, 2009

Study in UK-MBA in UK

The UK is fast emerging as one of the most popular study destinations for education in the world. There are numerous factors which prompt international students to pursue their education in the UK. UK education equips students with unparalleled academic and professional skills and augments their personal development with an unforgettable cultural experience. Where ever you choose to study in the UK, you will surely have an enriching and international experience, one that will remain etched in your memory forever and will arm you with a truly global perspective.
Quality Education
The British universities are owned and funded by the UK government and are subject to rigorous quality assurance audits periodically to standardize the quality of education across all institutions throughout the UK. This means that all aspects of education being offered by institutions in the UK, be they schools, further education or higher education or research institutions, will subscribe to a certain level of quality and standard as is closely assessed by the government.
All services such as facilities available to students, quality of teaching, research funds, infrastructure, accommodation services, student support and career services are monitored according to strict quantitative assessments. This means students can have confidence in the quality of delivery when they select to study in the UK.
World Class Qualifications
Quality standards for UK institutions are among the best in the world. The British qualifications are recognised and respected throughout the world. They serve as a solid foundation for building one's future, boosting career and prospects for a higher salary. UK universities, colleges and schools will provide a vibrant, creative, stimulating and challenging environment that gives students a chance for personal growth and to develop their potential.
Range of Courses
There are three thousand educational institutions in the UK that offer thousands of courses at different levels of education, be it schools, colleges, further education, higher education or research institutions. Students have umpteen number of options to choose from. There is also great flexibility in the way in which a subject can be studied and it is often possible to incorporate different elements such as vocational, English language training, work placements into a specific programme of study. Conversion courses are very popular in the UK with international students as they allow students from a non related background to pursue their studies in a specific subject. One of the biggest advantages of studying in the UK is that the option of combining work placements with academic study such as sandwich courses at the undergraduate level and work internships at the post graduate level. Having a work component weaved into the programme of study gives the students cutting edge knowledge and expertise as well as the hands on experience in your area of study, thereby strengthening chances of obtaining suitable employment later on.
Affordable Investment for the Future
Studying in the UK is often cheaper than in other countries due to the fact that the courses are shorter - the masters course generally are of 12 months duration as compared to 2 years in other countries and the bachelors programmes are normally of 3 years duration as compared to 4 years in other countries. Since the duration of the courses is shorter the living expenses also tend to be lower in comparison, as the duration of stay is reduced. This also means that students can enter the employment market sooner than their peers in other countries. At the same time, mid career professionals who have returned to university to study, spend comparatively less time away from their workplace and careers, thereby helping to prevent any major dent in their overall financial status and professional growth.
Student Visa and Part Time Jobs
According to the Visa regulations, on a student visa of more that 6 months duration, you can work 20 hours a week part time and 40 hrs a week full time during vacations. The minimum wage regulation in the UK states that the minimum possible wage per hour for students working part time must be £4.50, and generally students get paid between £4 to £7 an hour depending on the nature of the job. Although the students are allowed to work 20 hrs a week part time, they are strongly advised not to spend more that 8 to 10 hrs per week as courses in the UK are known for being very intensive.

Online MBA, Popularity, Respectability and Usability

Nowadays, there is a surge in demand for MBA programs. Advancement of distance learning through online education has brought MBA programs alive as the best means of career enhancement and professional development. Online MBA enjoys eminence as the first choice of career-conscious young and adult professionals in the market of education teeming with professional courses. Professionals who are aspirant of growth and development in career are looking forward to pursuing an online based MBA course. There is no suitable alternative to online MBA courses in terms of flexibility.
Which One is the Better of an Online Course and a Regular Program in MBA?
Many look down upon online learning programs as of less importance than regular courses. However, online and offline MBA programs are much similar when it comes to curriculum, standard and recognition. Flexibility of time and freedom of movement are the only differences between them. There is no denying to the fact that an online career-enhancing course if pursued from a certified institute often raises the marketability of one’s professional service many times more than a traditional course. The curriculum of online courses in MBA from worldwide recognized colleges or universities is backed by multimedia components like podcasting, video lectures and videoconferencing. However, both online MBA courses and traditional MBA programs equally enrich your career profile to let you enjoy a wider exposure in the arena.

Online based MBA Programs for Different Individuals with Different Purposes
Online based MBA courses are popular with mid-career professionals from all walks of life. Mid-career professionals who are burdened with family responsibilities cannot step out of their current profession to pursue a professional development program from a regular institute. An MBA course in online mode that allows them freedom of time to carry out family duties at smooth pace is their first and foremost need. Many graduates step up to do MBA courses in the mode of online study for the enrichment of their academic profiles. They go for online based MBA programs while graduating in another field as regular students. Moreover, fresh jobseekers take up an online course in MBA as an additional qualification that pushes them one step ahead of others in the job market.
Importance of Accreditation to Make a Go of MBA Programs in Online Learning
The number of MBA degree holders is on an increase in present scenario of the market where getting a prospective job is really a Herculean task. It is a hard-edged reality that many MBA qualified persons are sitting empty-handed at home. One of the major reasons for their unemployment is that they have bagged certificates in MBA from non-recognized institutes. Evidently, online based MBA programs in particular are respectable if they are stamped by nationally or internationally accredited educational institutes. Your curriculum vitae with an MBA diploma or degree qualification from some college or university of international reputation, is sure to catch attention of prospective employers. So make sure to check the accreditation of an institute before you join it to pursue an online MBA program.

Recommendation Letters - Business School Recommendations

Most business schools request to see at least two letters of recommendation during the application process. Recommendation letters provide admission committees with information that may or may not be found in your business school application, including academic and work achievements, character references, and personal details.
Good Business School Recommendations
A good recommendation letter will supplement your business school application. It will also provide specific examples of your accomplishments and/or work ethic. It is very important to choose the right person to write your business school recommendation. Do not pick someone based on their name and title alone. It will hurt you in the long run. You will be much better off choosing someone who knows you well. This person will be able to provide you with an honest, detailed, and heartfelt recommendation. The best business school recommendations come from someone who writes well, speaks highly of you, and gives specifics that back up their claims.
Bad Business School Recommendations
Business school recommendations that are poorly written can and will make you look bad. Before turning in your recommendation letter, make sure that it is up to par. Begin by checking for spelling and grammar errors. Then, think about your business school application and essay(s). Does the content of the letter support what you said previously? It should. If there are any contradictions, fix them before turning in your documents.
Finally, evaluate the accuracy of the recommendation. Does it properly reflect your character and work ethic? If not, get letter from someone else. You should never turn in a business school recommendation unless you are completely satisfied with it.


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