Feb 21, 2010

MBA Projects-Tips to Find Good MBA Projects

Masters of Business Administration is truly a fulfilling career. If one has it, then there is a great chance of landing to a high paying job. But before you earn that, you need to accomplish several MBA Projects. Finding these projects can be difficult if one is not equipped with the right information on what to look for.

Here are some tips in finding good MBA Projects:

1. Enough Resources. Before planning for any project, allocate enough time to search for possible resources. Most MBA projects end up hanging due to lack of resources to fetch information. Resources can include textbook, the Internet, community, and an organization. Other materials may include accomplished MBA projects with the proper authorization from the author. Most universities do not expose accomplished MBA projects.

2. Effective and Relevant topic. Finding good topics for an MBA project can be confusing. Specializations like entrepreneurship and finance may sound similar, but topics should be distinct for both specializations. Topics for MBA Finance can be: "Relevance of a business life cycle using..." These are good and interesting topics.

3. Planning for the Subject to be studied. Subject should be discussed and be given emphasis at the beginning. In finding good MBA projects, subjects should be searched for availability. Focusing in this area will allow a student to identify specific problems and recommendations for a possible solution.

4. Look for Desired Outputs. The purpose of an MBA project is to give recommendation and possible solution to an existing problem. In finding good MBA projects, make sure that the desired outputs are feasible.

5. Planning the Methodology. In preparing for an MBA project, planning for the methodology to be used is very important. Plan a strategy or analytical tool that is necessary and applicable for the respondents. Proper methodology will create good MBA projects.

6. Ask for Assistance from Experts. We may deny it, but most of the students taking MBA courses are having problems in finding and doing the necessary preparations for an MBA project. No need to be embarrassed, almost everyone feels the same at first. An advice from an expert will definitely work and can give a clearer view of what to look for on an MBA project. From the Internet alone, there are thousands of websites readily available to help students and professionals with their MBA projects.

These are some helpful tips I have compiled that can help you find good MBA projects. One can produce good quality MBA projects if thorough research and proper methodologies are applied. Let this be your guide in finding an MBA project.

Feb 9, 2010

Women and MBA

Trends are changing. Men and women are now of similar competitive nature. The job market is impartial to gender with most of the organizations are equal opportunity providers. MBA is a popular program attracting its share of applicants from all over the world irrespective of gender and ethnicity. The proportion of women enrolling in top business schools remains consistently fair. In the section below is the percentage of women enrolled at major business schools in USA:
Gradudate School % of Women in MBA
Carnegie Mellon University 22%
Columbia Business School 35%
Cornell University 26%
Dartmouth College 32%
Duke University 29%
Harvard Business School 35%
Michigan State University 34%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 35%
Northwestern University (Kellogg) 32%
Stanford University 36%

MBA for you-The Open University

If you live in India, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Norway or Sweden The Open University MBA could be your catalyst for change.

You will become someone who inspires others to achieve, someone who changes thinking, someone who sets direction and pace, someone whom others admire as a role model, someone whose behavior excites admiration and trust. Leadership is about how you motivate and enable others, about how you model authentic values and behaviors, about who you are and what you know. The Open University MBA programme takes you on a journey that allows you to explore your leadership capability from a wide diversity of perspectives in the global economy.

The programme exposes you to the uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity that characterises organisational life and business culture today . . . the context in which leaders must now operate.

The programme exploits the daily reporting, comment, analysis and research of the Financial Times along with our cutting-edge academic thinking and practitioner expertise to ensure your learning interrogates all the critical issues facing you and your organization now and in the future. You will gain critical insight from learning with fellow students whose culture and business practices may be different from yours. This enables you to consider key issues in the round appreciating perspectives that shape business attitudes that matter.

Global Exchange Events take you to a variety of exciting city locations, each selected for its representation of a particular business community, cultural ethos and economic history, in order to immerse you in radically differing approaches to local and global business drivers.

Open university MBA encourages you to challenge limits, cross boundaries and change thinking. Corporate sponsors tell us this is one of the uniquely differentiating aspects of the programme which adds significant value to the organization. The Open University MBA experience will introduce you to new knowledge, people, places, methods, ideas and opportunities.

for further info.. http://www.open.ac.uk/mbaopen/


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