Nov 30, 2014

Global MBA Ranking 2014 - Full Time MBA

1     University of Chicago – Booth School of Business    United States

2     Dartmouth College – Tuck School of Business     United States

3     University of Virginia – Darden School of Business     United States

4     HEC School of Management, Paris     France

5     University of Navarra – IESE Business School     Spain

6     Harvard Business School     United States

7     University of California at Berkeley – Haas School of Business     United States

8     New York University – Leonard N Stern School of Business     United States

9     Stanford University – Graduate School of Business     United States

10     Columbia Business School     United States

11     University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School     United States

12     Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Sloan School of Management     United States

13     UCLA Anderson School of Management     United States

14     Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management     United States

15     London Business School     United Kingdom

16     University of Queensland Business School     Australia

17     Emory University – Goizueta Business School     United States

18     INSEAD     France

19     Yale School of Management     United States

20     University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business

Oct 19, 2014

Economics Projects Topics

Internationalization of the Ethnic Food Industry

Financial Contagion in Emerging Markets

Monetary Policy in a Bipolar International Monetary System

The Modern Firm’s International Expansion

Trade Patterns in Europe

Monitoring and Modelling Inflation in China

Monitoring and Market Power in Loan Markets

Importance of Human Capital in Export Performance

Multiple Exchange Rate Systems

The Macroeconomics of Rare Events

Public and Development Economics

Time Inconsistency in the Credit Card Market

Divergences in the Euro Area

Internationalisation of Companies

China as a Regulatory State

Decentralization and Education

Job Flows Dynamics

Responses to Incentives in Public Expenditure Programs

Budgetary Institutions: Theory and Evidence

Informational Frictions and Learning in Emerging Markets

Bank Regulation in Argentina

An Interest Group Theory of Financial Development

Political Influences on Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Essays on the Role of Specific Human Capital

Bioenergy, Pollution, and Economic Growth

Marriage Markets, Differential Fecundity and Search

Comparative Institutional Economics

Employer-Employee Relationships and Firm Performance

Heterogeneity and Input Reallocation

Economics of Education

Corporate Social Responsibility and Nongovernmental Organizations

Contribution of Educated But Unemployed Women to Economy

Performance of Automobile Sector Post Liberalization Regime

Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles Industry

Demand Forecast for XYZ Company

Growth and Determination of Foreign Investment in India

Contribution of IT Sector in Indian Economy

Growth in Indian Banking Sector

Macroeconomic Policy and Analysis

MNREGA: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

U.S. Monopolies : A Glimpse Inside

World Trade Organization - A Critique

The State of the Indian Economy

Growth of Car Industry in India

RBI and Financial Services

Global Economic Crises


The Delhi Metro Project

Lessons from Economic Financial Crises in Recent Times

Supply Chain Finance

Free Trade and Development

India’s Fiscal Deficit and Its Impact on Gross Domestic Product

Production Structure Of Indian Power Sector

Capacity Utilization

Consumer Behaviour for Green Products

Fiscal Policy


Economies Of Scale

A List of 10 Unique MBA Dissertation Topics

An MBA is a very versatile degree. It may have a multitude of uses and can be applied in many different ways. People who want to start their own business, who want to develop their business skills current business owners, those who work in a partnership, or those who plan to carry out work in a corporate environment can find it are the appropriate level.
Marketing as an example

Marketing is an example of the utility of an object of the measure may be applicable. We find that we are in the field of marketing every day that we are presented in job interviews, seminars, meetings or as a business team to our peers. Our goal is to focus on and highlight our key features, strengthen our limitations, and explain the action steps we will take to do so. We want to make our palpable presentations for the client, whether secular or qualified business professionals. In much of the area is intrinsically linked to public relations and advertising. The product must be a real quality product, worthy, which is highlighted with integrity.

We have developed several fields in our marketing explanation, just a branch of an MBA. The area is very large and can have a huge impact on most of our lives, based on our model of monthly consumption, our real estate Holdings, and our wallets.

Some topics that fall under the License are:
Accounting Systems - Provides an overview of the analytical and technical skills that can be useful in making financial decisions

Audit - Analysis of reliable information in the audits
Corporate Governance - lends an understanding of how complex organizations can influence operations

Finance - Key concept of money management, investment forum, financial markets, international finance, etc.

Financial Accounting - lends an understanding of how to structure the financial reports of non-profit organizations and non-profit

Overall management of the supply chain - discusses what is involved in a global marketing strategy and value chain of products

HR - Problem solving in resolving personnel issues at work. The use of human potential
Management Information Systems - Pass towards information systems in a management perspective

Internal Audit - Leading people on how to implement controls and constructed to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization

International Business - Describes the challenges and obstacles in commercial transactions in which the representatives of the United States is working with representatives of other countries.
Research - These are some of the groups within the MBA Degree. If the degree is well documented with the help of the program, the class Web site, and references, the performance of subjects can be great indeed.

Sep 3, 2014

MBA in Public Relations Helps Advance in Your Career

If you already work in public relations for your business, then you can start looking are looking for a way to move into a senior management position on the career ladder. If this is the case, is a public relations degree from one of many MBA colleges the first step for your future career. As a PR specialist, you will be responsible for managing and implementing corporate communications between the company and its customers.
This article examines an MBA in public relations programs, as well as the type of career that you can expect upon graduation from the program. Public relations can be defined as actions to create good will for a person, a company or an institution. In other words, help the public work to promote and protect image and products of a company.

What are the requirements for MBA in Public Relations?
PR specialists a healthy picture for all types of organizations. In public relations to get, you have to drive, commitment, initiative, creativity and good judgment. However, your most important asset is ability to work and communicate with others.

A PR diploma requires the ability to analyze trends, predict consequences, and create an action plan that serves the public interest. Simply put, creating a public relations graduate communication between customer and company.

In today's economy, most companies not only need great people skills, but also seek professionals with excellent leadership and communication skills as well. The best way to acquire these skills is to pursue the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in public relations.

In your first year as an MBA student, you will learn core skills such as management, strategy and leadership. Your second year is to cover advertising and copywriting. Also you can find all to learn the dynamics of mass communication, such as research and analysis, press releases and media relations. Since public relations is a competitive field, an MBA will definitely give you the advantage you need. As a PR student, you need to study trends and to gain writing and public speaking skills.

Their education and training in Public Relations program will start the head, you need to get your foot in the door.

What kind of career can you expect? Once you complete your MBA in Public Relations, you have access to a variety of management careers, including advertising, marketing, sales, public relations, and many more. PR professionals are also necessary in both public and private sector, educational institutions and government agencies.

Regardless of the type of organization for which you decide to work, there are many opportunities in the field of public relations.

Expected salary and career growth
While there is a demand for jobs in public relations, it is important to note that the number of people entering the public relations has increased dramatically in recent years. But do not worry.

Many people still find work in a variety of media-related disciplines. An MBA degree in Public Relations makes you aware of the skills you need, and gives you a big advantage over the competition.

If you are a MBA in Public Relations graduate, you can an income between $ 30,000 to $ 100,000 per year, depending on the location of the business and you can expect.

On average salaries ranging between $ 35,000 and 65,000 per year, and the job outlook for public relations career is good. To increase your chances double if you speak a second language. If you are interested in the rise in public relations, you should have a MBA degree. Take the next step for your future today

MBA Degree in Project Management

An MBA with specialization in project management has become a high-demand degree. Project management is a key function for all types of companies and project managers work in many industries, including software, information technology, pharmaceuticals and finance, to name a few. Streamline project managers to meet project goals and corporate goals, and increase profitability as well. If you are thinking about a career in project management, you will find that increase an MBA program with a focus on project management, your chances of success considerably.
What is the Job Outlook for project managers?
As far as job prospects are concerned, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that project management within the scientific and technical areas are the fastest growing industry in the near future will be.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported that the growth in project management will result from various factors, such as an expanding economy, increased technology and complex corporate structures. In addition, the economy experienced a trend towards outsourcing and globalization at work, so the project management more attractive those positions in this area.

Although the future looks bright for project managers is not to avoid the competition for these positions. But despite the expected employment growth, project management positions are easily accessible for those higher education (especially MBAs with a specialization in Project Management).

What are the duties of a job project management consultant?
In general, project managers help companies make informed business decisions in the production. Also monitor these people and manage business projects from start to finish. To the financial goals and objectives to achieve project managers plan, develop and to ensure schedules timely completion of projects within an organization.

Other tasks include hands-on involvement throughout the life cycle of a project, as well as communication with the staff to ensure that each. On track for completion In a software environment, a project manager works closely with software developers to ensure that the software coding and programming completed on time. After that project managers work with quality assurance to ensure that the code is error free and software testing are completed and documented in the schedule. Finally, the project managers are working with technical writers to ensure that the software documentation is completed on time as well. Overall, project managers coordinate all team activities.

Project managed to analyze data and identify trends and shortcomings in order to prevent any problems down the road. Project manager and the development and implementation of emergency plans in the course of a project.

Although some project managers Tele, most of them work in the offices. Occasional travel to field offices and other facilities and other locations may also be required.

What kinds of skills do you need for project management?

Top Employers for project managers looking for sharp, creative and motivated. Since many of them are looking for specialized knowledge in areas of management, is a degree from one of many fully accredited MBA Colleges definitely in your favor.

Career opportunities in project management

Graduates with an MBA in project management have to find no problem at a job in their field. These people are able to find work in a variety of large companies-from construction to oil and gas and mining. Many experienced project managers find jobs abroad, where they work as independent contractors. Average wages for entry-level managers start at $ 107,000 and more experienced professionals earn more than 186,000 per year. If you are the ability and the drive to a project manager, do not hesitate to embark on your new career. With so many colleges and universities, the MBA courses in project management, you should see the situation, one that suits your needs.

Aug 4, 2014

Pursuing an MBA Degree in Human Resources

For students seeking career advancement of human resources in the field (HR), an MBA degree from an accredited college looks very promising. The field of human resources opens the door to new opportunities and management positions for MBA graduates.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2018, as many as 184,500 new jobs can be created in the field of human resources. MBA graduates typically find more career opportunities in order to demonstrate expertise in different areas of human resource management.

With the advent of new technologies, MBA programs in human resources offer flexibility for students, given the increased availability of computers and electronic resources. With telecommuting and online classes, students can save money by not traveling to classes.

Typical coursework in human resources includes:

business strategy
operations management

MBA courses also teach you how to handle important issues such as recruitment, position alignment and employee compensation business decisions. As a student of MBA of Human Resources, you will learn about the legal regulation of hiring and firing process, wage and hour laws, and more. You also get the knowledge and skills to manage human resources in relation to promotions, product pricing and product strategies.

MBA schools develop teaching organizational skills and abilities to tackle several projects simultaneously. Also learn how to manage budgets and create strategic plans.

Why is human resources is so important?
Though many executives focus on the bottom line and making profits, they still believe that highly skilled and reliable employees are the bread and butter of any business. Physical resources, equipment and products are essential when it comes to running a business, but these physical elements never replace good, hard working people in the business world. That's why human resources (or the business of managing people) plays an important role in any business or organization.

MBA programs teach HR graduates the skills necessary to qualify for the position of director of Human Resources. They are usually well-paying, and you can easily earn a six figure income as director.

What is the salary range for Human Resource Managers?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for HR positions in 2008 was $ 59.070; however, this amount varies based on other factors such as experience, location and the type of company you work for.

Salary scales also vary widely, depending on the industry in which you choose to work. The following table shows wages and human resource industries:

Industry Salary
Technical Services of $ 101.570
Accounting $ 103,990
Scientific Research and Development $ 94.860
Advertising $ 96.620
As a student of MBA of Human Resources, you will learn about the legal regulation of hiring and firing process, wage and hour laws, and more. You gain the knowledge and skills essential for the management of human resources in the areas of promotions, pricing, and product strategies.

Many corporations help pay for MBA programs for executives, as no work time is lost. Financial aid and scholarships are also available for MBA programs. The average MBA program specializing in human resources takes approximately two years, however, online study programs are available to accelerate the learning process and graduate sooner as a result. If you are thinking of doing an MBA in human resources, feel free to do so. The HR field offers a lot of opportunities and higher wages for those who want to specialize in the field.

MBA in Healthcare Management

Did you know that an MBA with emphasis in the management of health care is in high demand, even in today's economy?

Today, the healthcare industry is one of the labor market's fastest-growing, so in some of the highest salaries. Salaries in the field range of health between $ 48,300 and $ 137,800. On average, health managers with an MBA earn $ 80,240 a year. If you have decided to pursue a management career in healthcare, you have chosen the right sector at the right time.

An MBA with an emphasis on health management offers classes such as hospital management, services management and economics. Additional courses include accounting, business law and marketing. Once you graduate with an emphasis on health, you will be able to get a long lasting career in healthcare management or related field.

As a health professional, his responsibilities include coordinating, planning and overseeing all aspects of health services. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, there will be an increase in career opportunities for professionals seeking to advance their careers.

Health Jobs are on the rise
As the urbanization of many populations in the United States has led to the spread of the disease, more jobs have become available in the healthcare industry. In addition, most health professionals in the health field to help solve these problems are needed. If you like challenges and problem solving, a career in health management may be the perfect opportunity for you. Eventually, his career in health management becomes a challenging and rewarding experience.

As the demand for health care continues to grow, management positions are beginning to flood the market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the management of health care is one of the best paid jobs, and the industry in general, will also experience many opportunities for advancement in the near future.

As an added bonus, most health workers enjoy job satisfaction as they spend their days in the selfless work to improve the lives of others. By helping other people improve their lives, health professionals have a significant relationship in their jobs.

The following are some of the additional benefits of an MBA degree with an emphasis in health care:

An MBA in health care gives you the tools you need to succeed in a dynamic field.
As an MBA graduate in the field of health, to improve marketability, facilitate career changes, and increase your salary.
You'll reach the capacity of analysis, human resource skills, and thorough knowledge of financial principles.
A health program MBA gives you a great opportunity to network.
MBA programs address high health will teach you how to do hands-on business decisions in a medical environment.
You will learn how current industry trends may influence your decisions as a manager. You will also learn how to shape the future of health on the basis of these trends.

In general, the academic programs in health care lead to careers in Pharmacy, Alternative Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology, Nursing and employment. Depending on the type of career you choose, any number of degrees of health becomes attractive, but the best option is an MBA in healthcare management.

If you're wondering how Colleges MBA can help advance your career in health management, the first place to start is by doing a little research on the Internet. Since MBA programs can be very expensive, it is always a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of each program before you start. With so many different types of MBA programs available, you can narrow your search by determining which one is best suited to your needs and interests.

Considering MBA in Financial Management

If you are considering an MBA with an emphasis in management accounts or financial management, there are plenty of jobs available for you within the financial industry. Most possible jobs for finance majors fall within investment banks, securities firms and companies; However, many of the finance MBA graduates pursuing careers in the consulting industry too. From financial management positions are high paying jobs with a lot of opportunities, an MBA with emphasis in finance worth serious consideration.
Financial managers and financial analysts
Both financial analysts and managers use historical data to make decisions; however, the financial manager oversees production analysis and reporting to help the company in business development and strategic financial planning. On the other hand, financial analysts use the reports to shape investment and business growth of the company. Financial analysts also use effective management strategies help the company grow efficiently and maximize profits.

Financial managers and analysts also play an important role in mergers, acquisitions and global financing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that financial managers / analysts make between $ 99,330 and $ 135,070 per year.

Additional Careers for MBA with emphasis in Finance
The following are some additional items that are available for MBA graduates with an emphasis in finance:

Managers Accounting - Accounting managers are responsible for the tax and the creation of income statements of groups of drivers and auditing. An MBA with emphasis in finance also offers the courses needed to prepare for the CPA exam. This can also lead to career positions as corporate treasurer, corporate controller, or CFO (Chief Financial Officer). The average salary for accounting managers is $ 81,000.

Company Drivers - main function of a controller is to prepare reports to help forecast / predict the financial situation of the company. These reports consist of balance sheets, income statements, analysis of results and cost analysis. A controller also oversees the company budget, auditing and accounting departments. Salaries for business drivers range between $ 60.028 and $ 153.091, depending on the company and location.

CFOs - Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees all accounting and financial operations within an organization. He / she will also manage the overall financial policies and strategies of the company. Financial managers who work for smaller companies are responsible for all financial management functions, while a CFO of a larger company delegates some or all of the responsibilities to other managers of the company. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States reported that the average CFO salary in 2008 was $ 160,000.
Treasurers and Financial Officers - Treasurers and finance officers manage the investment activities of a company by obtaining capital, supervising cash management and activity management equity investment company. Financial actors also play an important role in the merger of a company and / or acquisition activities. The average salary for treasurers and CFOs in the U.S. is $ 123,335.

Managers Cash - Cash Managers are responsible for monitoring and controlling cash flow for both accounts receivable and accounts payable. He or she is also responsible for ensuring that the cash position of the company is sufficient to meet current and anticipated needs, and whether adjustments in the amount and type of investments are needed.

Risk and Insurance Managers - Risk managers and insurance managers help minimize the amount of loss and risk a company incurs, and the amount of risk to which the company is exposed. If you are thinking of entering the field of risk management, should have a basic knowledge of profit and loss management. The average salary for risk managers and insurance is $ 98,330.

Investment bankers - Investment bankers will work with investors and institutions in order to raise capital. An MBA in the field of investment can be a huge advantage because you will be giving advice to their clients in order to raise large amounts of capital to them. Starting salaries with a range of degree of MBA from $ 90,000 to $ 180,000 (after bonuses). Bonds are typically between 10-50% of their salary to start.

MBA Marketing Careers

MBA Careers
In today's economy, marketing has become a competitive race, and obtaining an MBA degree with an emphasis in marketing gives you a competitive advantage in the search for a good job. From shampoos to cars and computers in general, marketing helps raise public perception of a wide range of products and ideas. Marketing has become a very competitive race, but if you have the desire to succeed, to do an MBA in marketing is a wise decision.

The curriculum for an MBA program focuses on marketing strategies online and offline marketing. In marketing courses today, you can expect to become familiar with the latest in technology marketing, including search engine optimization, email campaigns, and pay per click advertising to name a few. Knowledge of these strategies in your specific marketing program helps expand your career options once you graduate.
Marketing MBA Courses
As a student of MBA marketing, course work includes the following:

Audience and consumer behavior
Demand Analysis
Market research and campaigns
strategic planning
Consumer relations
MBA Marketing Jobs

Some of the best jobs and careers marketing MBA are:

Public Relations Specialist - The professional in this position is responsible for managing communications between companies and customers. The average salary for a public relations specialist is typically $ 51,000.
Analysts market research - In order to influence the strategies of marketing, people in this situation do surveys of public opinion to maintain a customer base. The average salary for this position is $ 61,070.
Advertising Manager - People in this position oversee various promotional campaigns in order to attract a new customer base. Additional duties include overseeing the marketing methods of other companies in order to stay ahead of competition. The average salary for this position is $ 80.220.
Marketing Manager - The responsibilities of a position of Marketing Manager include the search for new markets, observing new trends, and the recognition of new products and services. Finally, managers in this position to help companies gain a better understanding of how the customer demand can affect the profits of the company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for marketing managers is $ 113.400 in May 2008.
As companies continue to address how they connect with customers, more career options become readily available for those who are up to date with the latest marketing trends.

Graduates of MBA marketing programs to pursue a career in public relations, advertising, sales, marketing and event management. Additional jobs for MBA marketing graduates include retail, financial investment companies, films, and Internet service providers and others.

Whether you are looking for a management position or start a new career in marketing, an MBA with an emphasis in marketing is a great option. Companies recognize marketing as a critical component, and as a result, marketers are in high demand.

In general, sellers have a more important role in business and are in high demand. In the current economic environment, companies are struggling to keep their customer base through better branding and other marketing techniques. A good MBA program will teach marketing strategies necessary to land a career in marketing.

Due to the impending retirement of the baby boomers, the Labor Department also says the labor market will open to marketing managers. To ensure that you are in the best position to inherit one of these openings, the degree of Master of Marketing is critical to your success.

Jul 2, 2014

Effective Team Management Skills

Management is essential in all areas of life. Even what we eat should be managed. You can not put something in your mouth. You have to be careful. Similarly, a team must be managed effectively to expect the best from team members. The team leader plays a key role in the management and their teams. 

For effective management of equipment, it is important that the team leader is more of a mentor to your team rather than being a strict boss. Understanding team members too. Long gone are the days when people used to fear their bosses. Today employees share a healthy relationship with his superiors and the comfort level has increased dramatically. Not impose things on them. 

Make sure each team member voluntarily participates in team discussions. The debates are important, but make sure you do not end up fighting each other. Suggestions should be invited to everything and no problems with people considered separately. Call everyone in an open and formulate strategies taking into account the contributions of each body forum. Policies be better for everyone. The goal of the team must be configured and distributed to all team members clearly. Everyone should be aware of their roles and responsibilities within the team. 

Communication between team members must be clear and transparent for the effective management of the team. Each team member should receive the same information and should have easy access to the top where request. 

Team members must not transmit information to anyone outside of the team. Learn how to keep things to himself. It is unethical to share their trade secrets with others. No filter information or confidential data. 

Team members must be motivated on a regular basis. The assessment is a necessity. If a member of the team played extraordinarily, we give a pat on the back. Performance evaluations, benefits, incentives, trophies, awards are essential to motivate team members to do better next time. Avoid criticizing a member of the team.

Loose Talk, blame games, dirty politics must find a place in the team. They ruin the environment and people lose interest in their work and organization. If you get to know something about someone, it is best to discuss with him face to face, ignore it. 

It is easy to create a team, but it is really hard to force the team together, and even to work. Technical management team are helping to strengthen the link between employees and creating an environment in which they can trust others. People actually become friends and begin to work together as a result of management activities team.

Jun 12, 2014

Tips for a flawless HR resume

Find the way out for the HR job begins with facing the first round of HR staff HR poultry are considered the architects of the organization, which is primarily human resources. Therefore, getting a job for those seeking a daunting jobrole requires an appropriate approach and knowledge. The posts following talks about how to prepare an impressive resume for HR career.

Human resource management is becoming a hot career choice among young students. As a result, in order to enter a career in human resources, many candidates are pursuing increasingly an MBA in Human Resources. Careers and jobs continue to rise in HR extended depending on the expectations of the recruiters.
To gain the attention of a recruiter a well written resume is half the battle won! HR staff are involved in hiring the right candidate for the job profile, handling employee complaints, compensation, and conduct training sessions. Ideally, a candidate who reflects all theses related skills through your resume increases the chances of your selection.

Understanding HR Activities:
To make an effective impression your recruiter, it is important to convey the message of what paper work means you are asking do. For this it is essential that you possess a fine knowledge of HR activities: how to forge working relationships, understanding of organizational behavior, management policies and human resource management strategies.

Focus on History
Highlighting its achievements in the career of human resources, there are some points I needed to consider. These include the need to mention Initiativen leadership, the number of training sessions conducted, level of involvement in the organization and any positive result. Mention details Seeking highlight their capabilities as human resources personnel.

Choose functional resume: Resume Writing in HR is about being more expressive, indicating the full detail of the experience and skills capacity did. To do this, the choice of a functional resume is a good fit. Give emphasis on highlighting the responsibilities of additional work under removed from their daily work. Do not forget to put a conservative formats and sources for writing your resume. Therefore, you should keep in mind not to exceed the page limit. One last post on The Wall Street Journal highlights the factthat curricula giants both employers unimpressed.

Another point to consider your resume is definitely your ticket to shortlist candidates for interview. Considered as a proposed sales of their skills, abilities and credentials, is vital for your resume notice and without errors and capable of other resumes.

Other important points to consider are:

Attach a cover letter:
This gives the opportunity to inform the employer out about their experience and knowledge in the field of human resources.

Do not compromise with accuracy:
Your resume is a certified accurate information about your education, work experience and skills. Therefore, it is important to maintain the accuracy of important data provided by you.

Customize your resume:
 resume tailored is important to provide information relevant to the job you are applying. Customizing your resume according to the job and the company helps meet the expectations of your recruiter.

Proof Read: 
This is one of the important points to remember when writing a perfect resume HR. Correction allows you to over come any errors typo, grammatical error or check if any important information is missing. Therefore, keep in mind thesis points to ensure smooth sailing in their selection of HR work

May 1, 2014

Free MBA program

An MBA program can be free too good to be true, but the fact is that you can free a well-rounded business education. The Internet is a way for everyone around the world to learn more about a topic that interests them , some of the best colleges, universities, companies and institutions in the world offer free business courses that can be completed at your convenience to learn , are provided . The courses are on your own, which means that you study independently and at their own pace .

What is an MBA ?
An MBA is a Master of Business Administration . Most MBA programs take one to two years to take full-time study to complete . Although MBA students may in a particular area of ​​business, specialized such as finance, global business or operations management , most general MBA programs offer a general business education.

If the result of free MBA program in a study ?
You will not receive college credit or a degree , if you run the courses , but you can a certificate of completion after completing some of the courses , and you will definitely be on the training that you need to get started a business or manage . The skills that you could pick up the value in the current position or in a more advanced position in your field to be. The idea of an MBA program without a degree may be disappointing, but remember , the main point of an education is to learn, not to win a piece of paper .

Subjects of study
The MBA program focuses on the general business education. It includes courses in general business, accounting , finance, marketing, entrepreneurship , leadership and management. The courses can be taken at your convenience. Just click on the link to learn more about each one.

Basic legend accounting procedures is important for any business student - if you do not want to enter the accounting or . Every individual and business accounting used in day - to-day . Take all three courses in order to obtain a well-rounded view of this topic.

Introduction to Accounting - This introductory course by the U.S. Small Business Administration provides an overview of accounting. The course takes about 30 minutes. Choose from a text or video - based option .
Accounting Course - This free text -based accounting course covers basic accounting issues , such as balance sheets , cash flow statement and debits and credits . Participate to consolidate on all course activities and knowledge test with post- lesson quiz.
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting - The University of Alaska course deeply immersed in the financial accounting. Lectures on film delivered . The course also includes homework and a final exam .

Advertising and Marketing
Marketing is important for any company that sells a product or service. If you are planning to start your own business , work in management , or a career in marketing or public relations , it is important to learn the psychology of advertising and marketing processes . Complete all three courses to win a thorough understanding of both topics.
Marketing - The free business course by the U.S. Small Business Administration provides an overview of marketing with a focus on a broader customer base . The course takes about 30 minutes.
Principles of Marketing - through education - Assuming this free online course includes a series of nearly 100 short video lessons. Each video covers a specific topic and includes a post- lesson quiz.
Advanced Marketing This free MBA course from NetMBA provides detailed text-based lessons on a variety of marketing topics .

Whether you are planning to start your own business or not , entrepreneurship training is an important part of a general business education . This knowledge can be useful for everything from product branding , starts to project management. Discover both courses to learn about the various aspects of entrepreneurship.
Introduction to Franchising - The U.S. Small Business Administration course provides franchising and provides tips on choosing a franchise. The course takes about 30 minutes.
Starting a Business - This free enterprise course of covers the main start-up topics such as writing a business plan , building a business and management. The course includes lessons , quizzes and other learning materials.

Leadership and Management
Leadership skills are extremely important in the business world - even if you do not work in a supervisory role. Taking courses in leadership and management , you will learn how people and the day - to manage to-day operations of a company, department or project. Take all three courses in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of management and leadership principles.
Principles of Management - Education - offers a comprehensive video -based course on business management. The course is in short easy to digest lessons that each divided with a post- lesson quiz.
Leadership Lab - This free guide laboratory at MIT Sloan School of Management consists of videos, lecture notes, assignments and other learning materials.
Business Management and Leadership - This free MBA Master Class management is a mini - MBA program that leads to a certificate of completion .

MBA Program Electives
Business electives are a great way to specialize in a subject that interests you further . Here are several electives are taken into account.

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Project Management - The free business course at UC Irvine offers to project through short text -based teaching an introduction to the management .
Human Resources - The New Jersey Institute of Technology offers a range of video-based lectures on human resource management. Topics include personnel, training , labor relations, and information systems.

Applying for MBA Jobs: Example Questions and Answers

You ask , the information on your professional career, your services , and what excites you expect to collect on the specific job role ( and organization) .

Here are some examples of questions you ask and what you need in your answer :

Question: Please explain your experience , including each of your job roles , responsibilities, working for organizations , data , content and reason for leaving .

Answer: Create a list of previous jobs by first your most recent role. For each , you take your key responsibilities in two or three sentences.

Emphasize the aspects of your previous roles , which was applied for the job . For example, for a role working with clients or customers, you can say :

Of sales experience in a national retail chain , where I acquired an understanding of how customers have been consulted , and made confident that their ideas and concerns are taken into account in order to feel .
Question: What is your biggest success?

Answer: This is the question not only what you are most proud of , but also which of your services has real value for you. Here we recommend to show you that you share similar values ​​and goals of the organization , so it is important to do your research on the organization before you react. Be sure to be honest ; what you say can be taken up to interview.

Question: Why do you want to work here , this particular work / want ?

Answer: This question is your motivation and, in particular , asks you to show that you think about how far have given your particular interests and objectives of the job or the organization. You need to get the job / organization carefully to explore as precisely as possible to give an answer .

For example:
After attending a graduate fair and meeting your organisation, I was impressed to find out how much emphasis is placed on professional development and training.

I have always wanted to work in overseas economic development as I would like to make a positive contribution to those living in less affluent countries.

I see this trainee ship as providing with me a strong foundation for work in the finance and professional services industry; my medium-term goal is to work in an audit department.

You can also expect questions to test your skills, abilities, knowledge and experience (SAKE). This is where you are most likely to encounter competency-based questions, for example:

Question: Why do you believe to have for this job?

Answer: You need to describe how you match your skills , abilities , knowledge and experience to the job but also explain your motivation and goals.

Question: Give an example of when you worked on a team project . What was the outcome and what was your role in the team ?

Answer: Start by taking a brief description of the project. Explain what your role was (as you supported colleagues , manages your and the other time was on progress , etc. ) and what you learned about yourself as a team member and team work. Explain what you might do differently with the benefit of hindsight .

Question: Give an example of the teaching of complex or difficult information to individuals or groups.

Answer: Examples can be drawn from all areas of your life , but you have to have to explain the context.

For example:
During the third year of my course , I pupils look at the review and validation of the Panel was asked to represent . This involved to speak and answer questions from the 17 scientific staff.

My work with the Citizens Advice Bureau brings discuss sensitive issues with clients. I observe the strictest confidence and give customers a lot of time to collect her thoughts ; have my questions , sure, but not threatening.

Question: Give an example of the ability to work to deadlines and how to cope with work pressure.

Answer: This type of question , the information about your time management and organizational skills . The experience of " working pressure " can be both exhilarating and debilitating and this type of question is probing how you behave when they are under pressure.

For example:
During my studies I have always planned my time carefully and set myself a deadline before the due date for each task; my coursework was never too late.

I really enjoy a challenge. While on internship , I again had a document to draw up overnight because of the new information in the late afternoon.

One of my strategies is to ensure that each member of the hockey team has clear instructions . Both e- mail and text several days before the game and I organize additional reserves for Away Games

Question: Give an example of how you have had , or research or analysis of complex information . What methods have you used and how you present your findings ?

Answer: Such a question could be used to measure your ability to be used for problem solving.

For example:
For my thesis I wanted to know how to set up a student-led social enterprises. A review of published literature was used a questionnaire that is . Upon the relationship between the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Faculty of Design

The results of my experiment, a series of Excel spreadsheets from which I downloaded created bar charts that have been used in a PowerPoint presentation for the other members of the working group.

My research findings were used to inform a new marketing campaign , because I was able to fill a gap in the understanding to identify how to use the product customers.

MBA Notes: How are new products developed?

Exploration : This is the first stage of new product development begins with the idea of a product. Thus, this step is also known as

" Idea Generation " . Ideas can Origination Research and Development , distributors, consumers , employees, etc. All ideas may not have the immediate potential market. At the same time, a company should always have a collection of different ideas for the creation of a new product is the condition of survival in many industries. The activities carried out in this stage are: -

i . ) Determine the field of products of interest to the company.

ii . ) The establishment of a program for generating ideas.

iii . ) Gather ideas through an organized work.

Projection : This is the second stage, when collected and reviewed to eliminate those who are not in conformity with policies of products and services ideas. Some ideas can always be protected by patents. Some other policies may not be eligible for consideration by the lack of availability of resources for production. The main purpose of this step is to remove only inadequate ideas as quickly as possible . Here the strategy adopted includes:

i . ) Expanding each idea on the concept of complete product.

ii . ) Collect data and reviews to decide whether the idea could turn into a business proposition .

iii . ) The evaluation of each idea of ​​their potential value to the company.

Business Analysis : This is a continuation phase of the previous stage. Here , the creative analysis is applied to the finally selected idea. Product features are analyzed and rough set for program development. This step emphasizes :

i . ) Further study on each idea in detail.

ii . ) The determination of the desirable characteristics of the product and market viability, and

iii . ) Development of specifications and the establishment of a definite program for the product .

Development : During this stage, the idea became hands on the product. The idea becomes a product that is producible and demonstrable . It is during this stage all the developments of the products; from idea to final physical one , which was sold in the market is held . Once the organization decides to pursue the idea of the product, the following activities :

i . ) Modify the product with modified characteristics .

ii . ) Competing laboratory evaluation and the completion of the test product.

Proof: The objective of this stage is to consider whether the product meets the technical and commercial objectives displayed in the original. The test may be the proof of concept , product testing and finally the test marketing .

Marketing : In this stage , the product is presented to the target market and begins his life through various stages of life cycle. It is also the stage where marketing is fully involved with new products and services . This is the last step and is considered the most important and fundamental to any new product and should be handled with care. You should check if advertising and personal selling have actually done and if suitable outlets are arranged for the distribution.

Apr 1, 2014

Characteristics of MBA college student

Enter a business school is a competitive process . You may end up investing more time focused Application MBA college in itself is your first chance to show exactly how to sharpen your business skills recently , and in particular, exactly how talented you are promoting the enormous work that c is you .

An MBA program is not a cakewalk , and the best are those who are totally dedicated to the program and their own goals for particular profession . You can get a clear idea of ​​why you need an MBA and what you need to accomplish your profession. Keep focused on your goals number will help you amplify offers your system and give you more value for your hard earned throughout the project money.

Any viable entrepreneur must have extraordinary abilities correspondence, and assists absolutely if transport capacity is sharpened. Incredible skills match made ​​in particular will be the basis for an MBA program because you will be deemed to be limited to the use of message and different routines to communicate with teachers and classmates.

An important part of the administration and the individual directors shall have the ability to adjust successful choices and think quickly on your feet. This is something that every great college student MBA will throughout the school to complete their homework and participate in activities .

The best MBA students from the university and pioneering companies have a strong sense within entrepreneurship . They are fascinated by being imaginative and have a duty number to victory. They are determined and motivated to a large extent . An MBA degree is intended for those who are fascinated by parts of the initiative in their organizations , so that the best nominees for an MBA have strong management skills and more investment in the development of these skills.

The best MBA students are those who practice account sound morality , and morality are the key to overcoming business school elsewhere. Despite understanding why the choice of exceptional cases are taken on the basis of moral codes , it is imperative to work within your school and your own particular moral guidelines . Many MBA courses include views consistent, and along these lines, the best students have a sense of number in coherent consideration . They have the ability to think through complex scenarios quickly and simply to advance the outcomes and plans.

An incredible MBA student should be extremely self-training. To get a good handle on the material and determine the work tends to be done, you will need to have incredible time management skills and have the ability to stay within appropriate limits .

In the same way that an effective business is the work of all its employees , so this is a MBA student work . MBA college student can frequently work in groups on different projects, and an incredible person can manage the aggregation problem without work. An MBA student may well feel ready to work with others through the message and modalities of the visit or even through personal collection .

MBA Entrance Coaching-Gateway towards Admission in Reputable B-schools

When you have completed your graduation and now want to make your career in the government sector ? Do you intend to appear in MBA entrance examination this year and looking for a reputed MBA entrance coaching? Would you like to coaching that you can make both available to join with the selected curriculum and make your selection easy for the course? If your answer is in affirmative, then you are at the right place . MBA has a dream of many young people all over the world, and it has the possibility of a brilliant career is to be formulated . , Deletion of the MBA entrance exam is however not an easy task as it takes continuous effort and hard work . Many students are concerned about entrance exams and think that if there to be nothing like entrance examination, it would have been much better. Others believe it is essential to an MBA coaching institute to join a prestigious institution for further studies. It is ready for the students , MBA courses , they should join a good and well-established coaching input study recommended.

Membership in a prestigious and distinguished coaching can help you in various ways, as they can facilitate you make your dream come true easily . For example , it saves your time by selected study material . If you are without the help of an institute studied at home, it would take you to take go through the entire curriculum more time. An outstanding MBA Entrance Coaching also offers you a competitive environment that you can never have , even if you studied at home. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to maintain and develop your personality , as they not only teach , but also organize group discussions, personal interviews , book reviews , panel discussions , lectures on current topics and many more. In this way, you get exposure and be able to effectively and impressively present themselves. Therefore, if you are a remarkable MBA coaching institute , it is much better than alone can study at home. The best part is that you have the opportunity to ask questions , clear confusion and problems that study , get to solve an interesting thing for you. Before the entrance exam , you have a chance to display performed by your coaching in mock tests . You can repeatedly test series appear in Mock, before you go for the entrance exam last.

When selecting a MBA entrance coaching, one must be careful and attentive as it is the issue of career. There are several coaching institutes , but you should do a little research before he can make . Ask your friends and relatives and you listen to their advice and recommendation. You can also take the help of you teachers or seniors to choose an outstanding coaching input . You can create your own criterion , such as , for how many years they have taught , how many students they have been able , so far, how much fees they take what the quality of the study materials , if the teachers are to make selected well qualified and experienced etc.

Mar 1, 2014

Overseas Education Consultants - Steering Educational Goals of the Students

It is a dream of millions of students worldwide to study abroad to give a new shape to their career. Getting a degree from the renowned international university is recognized throughout the world. The foreign universities have the first-class infrastructure and offer a wide range of courses to the students. The universities provide an international exposure to the students, which enable them to get high paid jobs in multinational companies.
However, most of the students do not have proper information about the foreign education system and innumerable options of universities, colleges and courses perplex them to choose an option that could help them to reach pinnacles of success. This is where the overseas education consultants come into the picture. They are the experts who materialize the dreams of the students to study abroad.

Why Overseas Education Consultants?
The overseas education consultants act as a guide for the students who provide best information about the top-notch universities, admission process and courses. Their in-depth knowledge and directions can help the students to overcome the problems in getting a higher education abroad. A reputable consultant provides the following benefits to the students:

Select Best College
The consultants with their knowledge and experience can help the students to select the best college that perfectly suits them according to their educational interests and goals. In fact, a good consultant can also recommend some other alternatives to the students who are not successful enough to get admission in their preferred college.

Personalized Attention
It cannot be argued that the competition in the foreign education sector is really hooting up, and the process of selecting the right college or course has seriously become a daunting task for the students. There are many colleges that offer the same courses, but what really important here is the content of the course and popularity of the college. The consultants communicate with the students, analyses their educational goals and guide them to select the best course programs that will match their needs.

Admission Guidance
Many renowned education consultants provide valuable information about the fee structure, admission formalities, and the approximate expenses of staying in a foreign country. Whether the students want to make the single or multiple applications, the consultants help them to sail through the admission process in a hassle-free manner.

Loan and Scholarship Advice
In some of the cases, an overseas educational consultant helps the students to complete all the formalities required to obtain the loan from the bank so that they can study quite comfortably in a foreign country. The consultants also tell the students about the scholarship programs offered by the various universities abroad.

Travel and Accommodation Assistance
Many students have to endure a lot of hassles in getting a Visa. An overseas consultant helps the students to complete all the formalities or paperwork to get the Visa without any difficulty. The students are also not required to take an unnecessary stress about the accommodation problems as the consultants have a good association with the reputable universities that provide the first-class accommodation services.

Choose the Right Educational Consultant
It is imperative that the students before approaching the consultants must undertake a thorough research work. Nowadays, there is a tremendous rise in the number of people who boast about their educational consultancy services, but in reality, their only aim is to mint or extract money from the students, leaving their future in complete disarray. The main focus of the students must be to select a consultant that has got tons of experience, and has got an adequate knowledge about all the foreign education programs.
Therefore, it is crystal clear that the [overseas education consultants] really prove to be a blessing in disguise for the students who want to fulfill their dream of getting higher education abroad.

Popular Destination for Studies

When we talk about Australia , it is defined as a place with endless possibilities and one of the most popular destinations for higher studies abroad. Australian government has relaxed visa rules for Indian students . For Australian university new changes were implemented in the beautiful continent make for students choosing courses for the visa will be easier. Australian government has proposed reforms of Knight Commission, which under current lines Visa Process (SVP ) student who has for Australian visas show less documentation and money , underlines implemented . Streamlined visa processing is specifically designed for international students who study in Australia. Each individual state in Australia has a Vocational Training ( VET) or Technical and further education ( TAFE ) system. The National Government of Australia provides the means for universities in all states. The courses and course content are set accordingly. Higher education in Australia refers to both university and non-university higher education, degree or sub-degree qualification , especially bachelor's, master 's and doctoral study forgiveness.
If we talk about the undergraduate courses of study and qualifications in Australia there are diplomas, advanced diploma , associate degree and bachelor's degrees . Advanced Diploma is a professional degree , and requires one or two years of full -time study. The associate degrees here in Australia are more academic oriented , while the university or professional stress , professional studies. Students have a variety of courses in various disciplines such as business administration , law, agriculture , health sciences , engineering and technology , architecture and construction , creative arts , humanities , social sciences, education and much more . If we work out the postgraduate level there are Graduate Certificates and Diplomas graduate courses. Graduate Diplomas either develop new professional or vocational skills for graduates or extend the acquired knowledge in the first stage . Master's degree courses after graduation in the Australian education system.

Vocational education provides students with practical skills for their careers . And private providers a nationally recognized government system of Technical and further education ( TAFE ): The Vocational Education and Training sector is divided into two sections: . TAFE is the largest provider of higher education courses in Australia. Studying at TAFE level opens routes to Australia's universities. Most TAFE institutes are linked with specific Australian universities so that students made ​​credit for part of their studies at TAFE to win . The vocational and training courses include computing, design, pilot training , business management, hospitality and tourism and many other courses . Access to postgraduate degree requires completion of a satisfactory standard of a bachelor's degree. Prospective students must research may demonstrate ability or relevant work experience. English requirement is also an important point to be the study permit for post. Candidates must have deleted with no less than six bands in each module IELTS .

A professional content writer at Visa Simply wrote this article. Easy Visa is one of the leading law firms to handle all types of visas for Australia. Australian universities is highly acclaimed throughout the world and helps you to gain a new identity in Australia and other countries. Feel free to contact us about your doubts and questions .

Choosing the Best Career Option

Appropriate education is very necessary for a successful career and therefore choosing the right college to pursue studies after school is paramount . It is a decision to be responsible for their rest of life . Your decision will also determine the type of work you want to do and your chances of becoming a professional in this domain.

Before making a decision , consider your personal interests and career . Another thing to consider is what kind of lifestyle you want in the future. Some careers can offer a lot of money but can demand a lot of attention in terms of time . He also joined an International School can open a wider range of opportunities with regard to education and career.

Choosing a College in terms of career
While choosing a college , take into consideration your career prospects can be obtained after graduation. The application of some of the career options are clear, for example, if you are opting for a course in journalism after graduation and then you'll be a journalist. On the other hand , if you go for other career as Humanities, Science or English , career options vary greatly. Like many of the people who choose English as a subject of learning for graduation can work as writers, or can choose to go in the field of education or simply may want to get a higher grade. The choice of the way forward for graduation may be related to the stability and income for the future. Usually the fields of education , medicine and the accounts are believed to have better opportunities in the near future.

The career choice on the basis of a Lifetime
Being able to earn well and have a fulfilling life is what each of the targets and if we have our choice of a career is paying us well, then what could be better than that. While some domains such as engineering , science , education are highly paid , it entirely depends on your personal choice of interest and will of the amount you want to earn after graduation have a copasetic life. People who have difficulties to determine their domain of interest end up in a career where they keep changing jobs and even the domain after a certain period of time. As for the prospects of income, you can choose a domain of education, where there are several career options , so a lot of time to decide to have a career of their own interest .

Choose wisely for a Better Future
In order to have a career option and looking to the future , the choice of the domain and the university is of prime importance . An International College offers a number of training courses can be a good option to continue their further studies also . Find out what the interest domain that you like , travel, experience , help people or something else you would like to have a take in. benefit from the experiences and advises elderly stroke are choosing wisely .

Feb 1, 2014

Guidelines to Pass CMAT MBA Entrance Examinations

Most of the candidates preparing for CMAT MBA tests or frequently accessed ask some valuable tips to clear the exam . However, many applicants fail to learn or gain knowledge on a particular topic in detail to generate advice alone . Therefore, in order to educate students on the proper way to study for MBA CMAT 2013 , experts have said that students can take advantage of the relatively high benefits if choose to access learning tips relating to certain types of difficulties . Furthermore, it is essential that students remain aware that they are only responsible for making their own suggestions .

Education helps in the development of problem solving skills
Education has always played an important role in the future of an individual. During the initial or basic training, child will get the opportunity to become familiar with various fundamental aspects of learning. As time passes, take the responsibility to learn from their own efforts, as it will help in the development of problem solving skills for future use .

Focus on your target to clear MBA 
It is essential for all aspiring MBA or a student trying to clear CMAT Entrance Exams to make your goals and keep the vision of reaching the final goal. Keeping goals to help students pass the entrance exam excellence. According to experts , students should always make sure to focus on its primary objective of determining the success of CMAT MBA Tests related to access notifications.

Advent of online websites to prepare for CMAT exam
Access hints to solve various problems and valuable study materials to pass exam in February 2013 CMAT has become simple and easy, thanks to the availability of internet . In fact , surfing the Internet and visiting different sites online, a MBA aspirant can easily access information and guidelines required examination .
Due to the constantly increasing demand of students seeking to pass the entrance examinations CMAT , most educational web sites have started to give their total commitment to providing wide range of free resources and materials for students to be able to crack the tests. These tips designed to provide students a good idea of what to expect and make them learn the necessary information so that they can respond to questions easily. Apart from this , students can download documents from the proper practice of different websites to be well practiced with the comprehensive review process .

Contact Professionals online for guidelines
Many people involved in providing guidelines on spending CMAT 2013 MBA students have suggested to contact online professionals involved in providing guidelines for CMAT Entrance Exams . MBA aspirants can contact professionals online with the help of email for viable solutions , sources and relevant advice , based on which students can expect to receive the relevant study materials .
Responsibility to pass the entrance examinations CMAT has come primarily from students because they receive all the valuable resources of different websites. This means that almost requires that you contact tutors if you have the capabilities of enthusiastic learning. In fact, the most relevant study materials required for MBA entrance exams settlement are readily available to wait for the results of sound.

Top 20 Business Schools

According to the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2013, Harvard Business School (US) is the top ranked business school in the world while the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College is ranked No. 1 among the world’s top business colleges in The Economist Full-Time MBA Ranking 2011, ahead of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is 2nd and IMD Business School is 3rd.

Top 20 US Business Schools by U.S. News & World Report (2014):

1. Stanford University
2. Harvard University
3. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
4. MIT (Sloan)
5. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
6. University of Chicago (Booth)
7. University of California-Berkeley (Haas)
8. Columbia University
9. Dartmouth College (Tuck)
10. New York University (Stern)
11. Duke University (Fuqua)
12. University of Virginia (Darden)
13. Yale University
14. University of California-Los Angeles (Anderson)
15. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Ross)
16. Cornell University (Johnson)
17. University of Texas-Austin (McCombs)
18. Emory University (Goizueta)
19. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
20. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)

Top 20 Business Schools in the world:
According to the Financial Times MBA analysis of top business schools for 2013, America dominated worldwide top 20 list, with Stanford rated as the No. 1 MBA provider in the world:

1. Harvard Business School
2. Stanford
3. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
4. London Business School
5. Columbia Business School
6. Insead
7. Iese Business School
9. MIT: Sloan
10. University of Chicago: Booth
11. IE Business School
12. UC Berkeley: Haas
13. Northwestern University: Kellogg
14. Yale School of Management
15. Ceibs
16. Dartmouth College: Tuck
17. University of Cambridge: Judge
18. Duke University: Fuqua
19. IMD
20. New York University: Stern

The Economist Full-Time MBA Ranking 2011 (Top 20 list):

1.  Dartmouth (Tuck School of Business)
2. Chicago (Booth School of Business)
3.  IMD
4.  Virginia (Darden Graduate School of Business Administration)
5.  Harvard Business School
6.  UC Berkeley (Haas School of Business)
7.  Columbia Business School
8.  Stanford Graduate School of Business
9.  York University Schulich School of Business
10. IESE Business School (University of Navarra)
11.  MIT Sloan School of Management
12. New York University Leonard N Stern School of Business
13. London Business School
14. HEC School of Management, Paris
15. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
16. Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business
17. ESADE Business School
18. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
20. Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Jan 2, 2014

Why is Distance Education MBA the Best

India is the country that has given the knowledge of the various sciences and arts to the world . Following our centuries-old legacy , the country has been excelling in the field of education and skills , whether any area of ​​life . Even in other parts of the world, the power and importance of education has been well established and accepted . The Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world . " With the progress of the world, nature and attractiveness of the studies have changed. Today, the focus is placed primarily on the qualifications and skills of students, due to the growing need for skilled professionals .
While many people take up as specialized MBA programs to enhance your resume , there are some who can not get enrolled in a program of full-time classroom for these courses. Whether professional or financial , or monetary commitments or geographical restrictions , there are a number of reasons that can cause students to abandon learning. If you are also able to join a good college for MBA or any other elite degree or certificate course , may request an online or correspondence courses and continuing studies along with their other commitments. These courses are also very useful if it is not possible to join a college far from his hometown , as you can learn from your own site .

These courses are specially designed for working professionals who wish to improve their qualifications and skills by obtaining knowledge from specialized programs . MBA in distance education courses are planned and developed keeping in mind the needs and feasibility of the candidates. The biggest advantage of such programs is that they are very flexible. This means that the candidate can really concentrate on your work or other work-study when they feel it's possible. There are many options available for the testing schedule and dates of presentation of the project and other requirements also decided to adjust according to the schedule of all the candidates , so it is a perfect choice for working professionals.

But be very flexible and mold does not mean that these courses have no credit for the quality of the studies, or the level of competition offered. There are many colleges run by various national and international universities, which provide excellent distance education to students and professionals. These schools give special kinds of internet, general discussion forums and have established and defined projects and tasks to ensure that students learn the concepts clearly. Assignments are usually online tests or other ways to check the learning and performance of candidates. With this technique, you can be sure you are learning without even visiting college or university campus.

Before deciding on the online course and college or university to address the studies , there are some points you should consider. You must ask the university about the frequency of doubt clearing sessions and flexibility of the program, if you are too busy with their work. It is also important to ask about teaching modes , and determine whether the program can benefit you in growing and expanding their skill set , and will be able to get the most out of the course by the operational mode of learning .

So give your career a boost by getting a specialist qualification through distance learning !


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