Feb 10, 2013

Study in Germany

Germany has much to offer as a place to study. There are more than 12,000 elective courses. You have in mind the international scenario, so as to keep qualifications Bachelor and Master are detected. There are courses in German as well as English to foreign students. International students have the opportunity to learn German during their stay in Germany.

Germany as a modern and cosmopolitan. And students are met from different nations. There are many sports outdoor adventure here, as well as tours of the Black Forest and techno temples of Berlin.

For those who prefer outdoor adventure and there are many theater and concerts with orchestras and operas. German is also home to museums of international renown.

Requirements for studying in Germany German universities, eligibility criteria, application process, process study in Germany
Here are the criteria for study in Germany, mba, engineering, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees for admission to German universities:

Eligibility: -
Need for international undergraduate students -
Completion of a "transitional" program for a period of 1 year. Afterwards, the students must pass a placement test for a bachelor. Some countries have entrance exams, which are recognized by the German institutes. Candidates who passed these exams receive an exemption for the placement test. OR A student must have completed two years of undergraduate study.
For admission to the graduate programs allow a student must
Completion of a bachelor's degree in 4 years. Few institutions shall consider, 3 years Bachelor's degree and certification.
For management courses the students have a good GMAT and GRE scores of technology are considered.
Courses for graduate students must have a master's degree.
The ability of an Anglophone student based on the results of the TOEFL assessed.

Admission Procedure: -
In Germany, a student must register with various agencies:

Your first stop should be the Chancellor of the residents. Anyone planning to stay in Germany for longer than three months must register their residence within a week. You need a copy of the lease or other proof of where you live. If you move, you have one week to register your new address. It is important to know exactly where you're a resident registration office. The location within the municipality varies from city to city. The International Relations Office at your university, you can tell more.

The Office of Foreign Affairs is the next step for students or researchers hosts Germany. This is where you apply for a residence permit. Remember to do it in person. Students must also demonstrate that they meet their needs. This means that they have a minimum of 500 euros for each month.

Admission is guaranteed, if the documents are in order:
- Valid visa (for non-EU students)
- Application form (available at the University Office of International Affairs)
- A valid passport
- Proof of health insurance
- Copy of the lease or letter from landlord
- Three (3) passport photos
- In some cases, you must prove that you have had a physical examination

The residence permit for students are valid for one year and must be renewed each year.

Student Visa Germany Visa requirements for students in Germany: Application Form, Process Procedure Visa Study in Germany
German student visa for a student should the embassy or consulate-general with the following documents to:
A valid passport
A letter of confirmation or approval of the University serves as proof that the applicant is a student studying abroad.
Documents to indicate the source of funds for study in Germany.

Cost of education in Germany, living expenses, tuition fees for studying in Germany:

Accommodation, catering, entertainment, utility bills, transportation, etc ... amounts to approx. EUR 12000 per year, depending on where and how you choose to live. Live in the eastern part of Germany, it may be a little cheaper.

In Germany, if a student is in the EU or not the fee EUR1000 per year in an institute. The cost of tuition is 700 euros. Year.

Scholarships in Germany, Scholarships to study for a degree in Germany Study in Germany scholarship:
The amount of money is paid by a grant normally charged to defray living expenses. While the crowd likes high at first glance for a person resident outside Germany, we must not forget that the cost of living is very high in Germany, and it is very likely that there will not be much money left at the end of the month . In addition, if the person receiving the scholarship takes a part time job, they must notify the organization that the scholarship. And this organization is then usually subtract the amount of the grant.


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