Feb 19, 2011

MBA Student Loan-Programs and guide

Before the test, to bridge any funding MBA loans, you generally need for scholarships, sponsoring firms and help you on your own savings, determine the best combination of financial options to finance your MBA.
If you take a loan, choose a part or all of your MBA finance, consider the following factors before you all dotted lines mark:

    * What is the total cost of the borrowing over the term of the loan?
    * Are there any additional charges, such as up front fees? If so, add these into your total cost calculations.
    * How does the repayment schedule fit with your own requirements? MBA loans will usually allow for interest and / or principal payments to be postponed until after graduation. Make sure that this meets your needs.
    * Is the lending organization experienced in providing student loans?
    * Are there any special services available to you if you take a particular loan?

Considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about the loan the MBA which best suits your own situation.

The good news is that there are a number of reputable suppliers MBA loan you choose.

MBA Loans | the MBA Loan Program from GradLoans
GradLoans.com is a member of the long established Student Loan Network and offers an excellent overview of the financial aid process, providing answers to any questions that you may have on financial aid and how to apply for it. There is also guidance on the MBA loan process, including how to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which is available to US citizens and sometimes international students.

eStudentLoan: Compare MBA loans and apply online
On the eStudent Loan site you can find a free, objective apples-to-apples comparison of private and government student loans. You will also find plenty of tips and advice on the entire financial aid process and how to find and apply for the MBA loan that suits you best, using the eStudent Loan LoanFinder. Click here to visit the eStudent Loan site.

FAFSA Online - FAFSA Application Services
This site lets you complete your FAFSA Application online to qualify for Federal Financial Aid. The professional advisors at FAFSA Online will also review your form to insure accurate and prompt filing.

MBA LOANS This is a loan program sponsored by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and funded by Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo Education Services.

College Loan Solutions, Inc. - College Loans for Today's Students
College Loan Solutions will help you to learn more about the private alternative student loans that are available to fund your education. There are no Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms required, no school verification and you can apply online. The funds made available go directly to you, the student.

Student Loan Consolidator - Student Loan Consolidation Services
Student Loan Consolidator has been around since early 1998. Their site provides practical and useful guidance to help you decide if you will benefit from consolidating your college education debt, and has an online application facility.

AMBA Loan scheme If you are UK resident and attending a business school that is accredited by the AMBA, then you are eligible for the Association's MBA Loan scheme. There are also details of business school loans, provided in conjunction with NatWest, which are available for study overseas.

To summarize on MBA loans:

    * Don't sign any loan agreement until you have fully considered all other options to pay for your MBA.
    * If you do need to bridge any finance gap with a loan, do all the research you can to make certain you get the best deal available and one that suits your circumstances.

Feb 1, 2011

Tips To Write Assignments For MBA

MBA is the study of decision making for management position. MBA student can propose quick decision in the favor of an organization. The course of MBA is not hard if a student think over that practically. It is the course of practical knowledge in business management field to handle an organization business or enterprise very efficiently.

In these days, there are many universities which offering distance or part time MBA degree for working students. For the course students are bound to write assignments for internal assessment and to get higher marks or credits.

Some tips to write Assignments for distance MBA:

Online Study:

In the age of internet there is much importance of online study. Most of the blogs or sites offer presentation on various masters’ degree or chapters

Practical Study:

In order to write effective assignments students need to study practically. Practical study comes with the discussion and debate among friends. If a student reads papers, watch TV or magazines on regular basis then it can be developed practical knowledge.

Study in Class:

If a student can attend a regular class for his chapter or course then it can be much beneficial to think over for related assignments.

Forums Discussion:

To write an effective assignment for the management course forums discussion can be better place to take about decent ideas to the related chapters. A student can get there some materials also to add that in their assignments.

All these tips can be benefited for a student to write an effective assignment for distance MBA courses.

Most of the students write their assignment on computer and take print out but if a student submit hand written assignments then he can collects more credits or more marks by his university.

During preparation of MBA assignments a student can practice all the questions for his exam also. So, it is most important because it shows the student’s talent and their internal skills towards the subjects.

MBA in IT- Short Definations

Essential Hardware Components
At the highest level, two things are required for computing
Hardware: The physical equipment in a computing environment such as the computer and its peripheral devices (printers, speakers, etc.)

Software: The set of instructions that operates various parts of the hardware. Also termed as “computer program
All computers have the following essential hardware components:
The devices used to give the computer data or commands are called Input devices. Includes keyboard, mouse, scanner, etc
A processor is the logic circuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a computer.
Memory is the electronic holding place for instructions and data that your computer's microprocessor can reach quickly.
Computer storage is the holding of data in an electromagnetic form for access by a computer processor.
The devices to which the computer writes data are called Output devices
Input Devices
A mouse is a small device that a computer user pushes across a desk surface in order to point to a place on a display screen and to select one or more actions to take from that position. Keyboard
On most computers, a keyboard is the primary text input device. A keyboard on a computer is almost identical to a keyboard on a typewriter.
In computers, a joystick is a cursor control device used in computer games.
Digital Camera
A digital camera records and stores photographic images in digital form that can be fed to a computer as the impressions are recorded or stored in the camera for later loading into a computer or printer. Currently, Kodak, Canon, and several other companies make digital cameras.
A device that converts sound waves into audio signals. These could be used for sound recording as well as voice chatting through internet.
A scanner is a device that captures images from photographic prints, posters, magazine pages, and similar sources for computer editing and display.
What is a Port?
On computer and telecommunication devices, a port (noun) is generally a specific place for being physically connected to some other device, usually with a socket and plug of some kind. 
Many Types of Ports
1.    Parallel
2.    Serial
3.    SCSI
4.    USB
5.    Firewire
An interface on a computer that supports transmission of multiple bits at the same time; almost exclusively used for connecting a printer.
It is a general-purpose personal computer communications port in which 1 bit of information is transferred at a time.
A port that's faster than the serial and parallel ports but slower and harder to configure than the newer USB port. Also know as the Small Computer System Interface.
USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a plug-and-play hardware interface for peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse, joystick, scanner, printer and modem.
FireWire is simply a really fast port that lets you connect computer peripherals and consumer electronics to your computer without the need to restart.
•    Pentium
•    Celeron
•    Athlon
•    PowerPC
•    StrongARM (PDA)
•    Crusoe (Laptops)
•    SPARC (Workstations)
RAM (random access memory) is the place in a computer where the operating system,
Punch cards
A card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes
ROM is "built-in" computer memory containing data that normally can only be read, not written to. Hard disk
Hard disk is a computer storage device which saves and retrieves the data when required. Floppy disk
A diskette is a random access, removable data storage medium that can be used with personal computers.
In computers, tape is an external storage medium, usually both readable and writable, can store data in the form of electromagnetic charges that can be read and also erased.
A compact disc [sometimes spelled disk] (CD) is a small, portable, round medium for electronically recording, storing, and playing back audio, video, text, and other information in digital form.
DVD (digital versatile disc) is an optical disc technology that is expected to rapidly replace the CD-ROM disc (as well as the audio compact disc) over the next few years. The digital versatile disc (DVD) holds 4.7 gigabyte of information on one of its two sides, or enough for a 133-minute movie.
Classifying Memory/Storage
•    Electronic (RAM, ROM)
•    Magnetic (HD, FD, Tape), optical (CD, DVD)
•    Volatile (RAM), non-volatile (HD)
•    Direct access (RAM, HD), serial access (Tape)
•    Read/write (HD, RAM), read-only (CD)
Output Devices
•     Printer
•    Plotter
•    Speakers
•    Monitor
Modem is output as well as input device at the same time.
PC Parts
•    Monitor
•    Keyboard
•    Mouse
•    Speaker/headphone
•    Microphone
•    CPU
•    Front buttons
•    Backside ports, fan, slots, cables
Inside CPU
•    Power supply/fan & connectors
•    Motherboard
•    Bus
•    Edge connectors
•    Ports
•    Video card
•    Modem
•    Network card
•    Sound card
•    ROM
•    RAM
•    Slots
•    DIMM’s
The Processor Module
•    The slot on the motherboard
•    The housing
•    Fan
•    Heat sink
•    Pins (256?), Transistors (10 million?)


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