Apr 17, 2011

Customer Relationship Management - CRM (MBA Notes)

Each business unit will focus on the springs a long-term relationship with its customers, its stability at the flower market food today. Customer expectations are now not limited to obtaining the best products and services, they also need a face-to-face business where they want to get exactly what they want and a fast time.

Customer Relationship Management is a concept, strategy or standing to strengthen relationships with customers and simultaneously reduce costs and improve productivity and profitability of the company. CRM is an ideal system a central collection of all data sources within an organization and provides real-time atomic information to the customer. A CRM system is great and important, but it can be for small businesses and large corporations can be realized as the most important goal is to help customers effectively.

Usually there is an organization of various departments, mainly access to customer information, directly or indirectly. Many CRM system instead of the central information, reviews and makes then addressed in all departments. Consider an example of an international call center, a CRM tool, called "xyz", and must be integrated with a phone and a PC or laptop. Well, this system automatically collects customer calls. Before the Board attended the phone, the CRM system, the customer lifts details on the screen or laptop and also shows that the possibility of agreements with this particular client, the client has already purchased or ordered in the past and what the probability of purchase is the future. Not only that, it may also select what is best for all products to customers. For Finance, it's information on the current account and the accounts can, they can leave information about recent purchases by the customer. All of these data items are stored in the CRM database and are available as and when necessary. In this example, the CRM system a well-defined platform for all businesses interact with their customers and meet all their needs and desires very efficient and create a long-term relationship.

Wangling this kind of relationship with customers is not easy to manage and it depends on how systematic and flexible CRM system implemented or integrated. But once he did he is the best way to deal with customers. As the customer to the gratitude of self-satisfaction and loyalty, which translates into feeling better collaboration with suppliers and in turn, thereby increasing activity.

A CRM system is used not only to care for existing customers, but also helpful in attracting new customers. The first process starts with identifying the customer and storing all relevant data into the CRM system which is also called "Opportunity of Business. Sales and field service, and try, and the business of customers of sophistry follow up with them and convert them into a successful business.

Customer Relationship Management Strategies, a new perspective to all suppliers and customers have given to the company under an estimable relationship kept by the needs of mutual purchase and sale.

Apr 3, 2011

What is Ambush Marketing

Ambush marketing as a situation in which a company or product is the advertising value of a great event without the event by sponsoring fund drive. This is a marketing campaign, which took place at an event, but not to the payment of a fee to sponsor the event. It occurs when a company has evidence of an event as a sponsor and a rival to the room of the mind through devious means sponsor. Ambush marketing is when companies pass themselves off as official sponsors, they are not looking. Most displays are performed at major sporting events.

It is a concept that the actions of companies looking for employees with a sponsored event without paying the organizer described. or most important events afford a stamp for the exclusive and official sponsor of the event in a specific category or categories, and this exclusivity creates a problem for one or more other brands. The ambush is to highlight the impression to consumers that the thief is somehow tied to the event. Ambush marketing can some or most of the benefits of a legitimate, paid for the sponsorship to a relatively low cost.

Ambush marketing can be divided into two classes.

1. Direct ambush marketing. In 1994 FIFA World Cup MasterCard received exclusive rights to use the World Cup logo, but a competitor Sprint Communications logo used without permission. It is the direct attack, but may be protected by law.

2. Indirect Ambush Marketing. More indirect means of ambush marketing can include sponsorship of the transmission part of the event, sponsorship etc. sub-major event

It would be pertinent to consider why exactly this sponsorship as part of their marketing programs, because it will help explain the impact of ambush marketing.

Audience Awareness: When people can afford to relax their information more quickly. This allows the brand message effectively deep into the psyche of consumers.

Image: sponsorship led to the improvement of brand image by association with a high-level event.

Targeting segment: sponsorship, marketing their target consumers in an effective and relevant. So when Mercedes Benz wants to reach CEOs, can be done effectively by sponsoring a golf tournament than advertising on television.

Other options: Sometimes, companies have no other way to reach the masses through government restrictions on advertising, etc. (for example, many tobacco companies and alcohol can not apply directly).

PR: Finally, have the opportunity to sponsor high visibility and to get free PR.

Ambush marketing is defined as a marketing strategy Cast consumer's mind space for an event. What Ambush marketing is not, try something sneaky to take advantage of properties of grants without having to pay higher taxes. The decision to sponsor the marketing is really a question of whether the sponsorship, as is currently offered is really profitable.
Successful strategies for ambush feeding poorly thought incapable of sponsorship and sponsors in respect of ambush marketing to make the natural result of healthy competition and the effect of distance sponsored useful properties, not least for eradicate a successful ambush, over time, not the rate of sponsorship.

MBA without GMAT

GMAT, GRE or MAT are standardized tests that colleges for MBA enrollment in advanced courses as required. GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test is. E 'used by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the test should be administered in three main parts: the Analytical Writing Assessment, the Quantitative section and the verbal. Students can take the GMAT, the computer as a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT).).
The following are the top accredited colleges and universities with MBA programs without GMAT requirement:

Durham Business School (UK)
- Accredited by AACSB, the Association of MBAs and EQUIS.
- 15 in Britain, 26 and 65 in Europe in the world (Economist MBA Rankings 2008).
- Put in Great Britain 13, 22 and 80 in Europe in the world (Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2009).
- Provides distance learning MBA / MBA (Finance)
- Financial Times Top 40 Distance Learning MBA programs in the world (March 2008).

Glasgow University Business School (UK)
- It 's the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world.
- The University of Glasgow Business School is one of only two schools in Scotland, accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
- It is also accredited by the Association of MBAs.

Henley Business School (UK)
- Henley MBA Distance Learning is one of the best in the world, 2nd in the UK and 6th largest in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), January 2008.
- The MBA program is the first full-time international student and faculty quality (EIU 2008) placed at the base.
- It is the largest global provider of triple-accredited MBA program (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).

Hull University Business School (UK)
- Featured in the top quarter of the prestigious The Times Good University Guide 2009 rankings for business and economics.
- The quality of school teaching and learning is rated as "excellent" was to check with a score of 23/24 in QAA.
- The school received accreditation from the Foundation for Management Development EQUIS and AMBA accreditation for its MBA program.

Edinburgh Business School (UK)
- EBS is part of Heriot-Watt University - His Royal Charter granted in 1966.
- Offering Distance MBA training with the thematic priorities in the strategic planning, marketing, human resources and finance.
- EBS MBA program is listed as the largest outside the U.S. (FT 2009).
- More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies have students on its MBA program.

U. Carlos III of Madrid (Spain)
- Universidad Carlos III is one of only five schools AMBA-accredited in Spain.
- TOEFL and GMAT are not required.

Toulouse Business School (France)
- Does not require the GMAT for admission provided that applicants come from accredited institutions.
- End of the Aerospace MBA, which is a full-time of 12 months from October to September. The program is taught entirely in English.
- The Aerospace MBA program is accredited by AMBA.

Concordia University Wisconsin (USA)
- The MBA program can be examined by an independent e-learning.
- The MBA program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.
- Thesis and GMAT scores are not required.

Regis University (USA)
- Offering online MBA degree that can be completed in two years.
- No GMAT or thesis required.
- Consistently a top-Master University in the West by U.S. News and World Report ranks.


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