Sep 24, 2013

Financing Your Studies Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of the career of a student must meet a number of advantages , such as learning new cultures , new people and make new contacts that you will not able to have otherwise obtained . There are some points to consider when studying abroad , however, especially when it comes to surviving the funding of travel and understand the money side away from home for a semester or more . There are some tips that will help students prepare for their international studies.
It is important that students who wish to study abroad , work as quickly as possible on a plane - most financial experts say you should start putting this plan in place as every year up to two years to advance. Try all ready to go , months before the beginning of the semester will likely lead some hiccups later, so it is important that students all the information they need and think that they are faced with obstacles so that later on they time could be avoided.

When students looking to save money to study abroad , they are usually immediately turn to pocket money using credit cards instead , which is their audit a risky business. This is not a bad thing to use credit cards because they help students build credit , but they must be aware of the interest credit card on what they choose to use the card. If they are not careful , they could end up with a card with extremely high interest rates, they make a huge mistake later could be when it 's time to pay them comes .

As students preparing to study abroad at the beginning, they must also keep in mind that the best credit card bonus is that they probably offer something that cash back on purchases of be . This will give them a little money and essentially free when it comes to international studies , helps a little.

Before they need to get on the plane and get on their way to talk to students about their financial advisor at your school to see if they can help with the costs anyway . There are often opportunities for students abroad in order to study their semester by loans or grants based on their major or what they want, when they are covered in another country. Sometimes this is not the case and this is something that students should know before you really put his heart to go abroad to study.

Also, you have insurance while studying abroad, there are several options to choose from, but I have no fault insurance used. In fact, in these cases, you only pay for what you covered and you do not need too much hard-earned money for something that can not happen can pay.

As with everything that takes place in another country, it is important that people understand the exchange rate, and preferably not only by the use of a Google currency converter . The best way to do this is to some versions of the national database of common sites and see what the sales of the local site , students are to visit. One of the most common pitfalls people fall into when they travel abroad did not bring enough money with them because they had obtained currency conversion wrong.

There are quite a few ways that students from one semester to benefit in another country , but it is important that they understand how to secure funding for the trip they made ​​the most of their time properly. Not only do they need to save money, but they must ensure that the program is covered , and they need to understand the exchange offices. Once they abandon all these

A Checklist for Studying Abroad

The desire to understand other cultures is one of the big draws to study abroad, but before you jump on a plane in search of education , conditions must be met.
  • Students must have made significant progress toward important prerequisite requirements and one year of a language.
  • A minimum average of 3.2 required . This is a cumulative grade point average if you are short , that fall , it's time to move to the next level before this chance up .
  • Those with a current average of 3.0 to 3.2 can be considered approved. They must be able to reach 3.2 before departure or have consecutive semesters with a 3.2 or higher.
The process from start to start is not a quick , going abroad , will take about 12 months, by understanding how to stop the process , you will be able to relieve stress and anxiety , where you , the excitement feel their coming adventure . Create a checklist to make sure you do not miss important parts. You want to start this year, a year in advance and work your way down as soon as possible . The fun begins as soon as all the details are worked out.
  • Talk to gather with a study abroad advisor information on the individual programs
  • Your advisor will talk about the conditions for the transfer.
  • Letter of recommendation is required to be applied , so before you is this part of the process, it is important that these letters ready .
  • Find the program that is right for you . Once you have done that, it is time to think about the associated costs , and start researching in the country you call home is for one semester. Use Internet resources or school to find other people who have studied abroad and ask for advice .
  • If you are currently on financial aid , contact your advisor to ensure that your aid will cover . If you do not currently have a grant or a scholarship , and you think you may have additional resources to do this once in a lifetime opportunity to get help from a counselor.
  • Get all your transcripts in order.
  • Apply program .
  • Apply for your passport . If a visa is required to ask.
  • Make your request for an International Student Identity ( ISIC ) card. This will help you to win when you're there. This card you can get discounts on almost all transportation and fun when you are abroad prices .
  • Familiarize yourself with the language of the host country , are beginning to understand their culture . You do not want to feel the culture shock so far from home , it is important to understand as much as possible on the land and the language in which you are currently viewing .
  • At this point you have been working on the main folds and you can start to look into what 's to come. The only thing left is to get a credit card, you may need in an emergency or perhaps simple things like find cheap textbooks online. Upon arrival , continue to study the culture and increase your ability to communicate.
  • Get a physical and immunizations and vaccinations you need. Want to have your medical records with you when you travel .
  • Make your travel arrangements.
  • Inform you of your trip if you are taking prescription drugs your doctor authorize refills your doctor. Check and ensure that all medications you might be taking , are legal.
  • Look into travel insurance, you will help in the event of loss or theft .
  • Change your address with the post office.
  • Make sure that all of your financial aid and scholarships, loans are current.
  • Buy a gift for your host family.
  • Make copies of important documents , so that a game at home and another with your advisor and to naturally bring with you.
  • Get an international cell phone.
  • Make a list of everything you need on a daily basis , so that the package is much easier and it's less likely that you will forget something important.

Studying abroad - The Middle East

Traveling in the Middle East is an incredible experience . Dubai offers some of the best 5 star hotels in the world and is a cultural center , which means that students who can not travel to meet friends from different backgrounds . Dubai is not the only country that is popular among foreign students , however , Qatar and Egypt are also gaining in popularity. This article examines why study abroad is an excellent opportunity for young travelers .
The appeal of studying in the Middle East , the chances of its range expansion of the economy. Wages in the Middle East are generally higher than in Europe , and there are careers in everything from information technology to architecture. Then there is the possibility of network such as the Middle East attracts nationalities from all over the world in a truly international countries.

In addition to being an employer of choice is Egypt , for example, a leading provider of education. True to its multicultural character study offers exchange programs in the United States , the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates , France , Canada , Australia and India. It offers highly competitive rates for all subjects , including some of the best MBA programs in the world.

In Egypt , a student can expect to follow in the footsteps of the former strong and powerful community after that. Egypt is home to the Sphinx , the Pyramids and the tomb of Tutankhamen - meaning that students interested in history and archeology , an abundance of artifacts have at their fingertips in Egypt.

Compare how artificial with the natural beauty of the Nile, and you have something incredible beauty! But do not think that Egypt had been the glory years . Market liberalization , trade development and political stability help Egypt an example of what can be achieved in North Africa.

In a survey of students who took studied in Egypt , came to Cairo as the top-ranked city . U.S. student Mujeeb studied there and asked him if he do it again , said: "In any case , it is an amazing cultural experience and has given me a greater perspective on the world , especially the learning the Arabic part of the history of world politics ! ".

Now that you are interested , it is time to address the concerns that students regularly watch on the trip.

Yes, it's hot. But you might be surprised to learn that it's cool to be inside buildings. So much so that the number of students recommended to bring warm clothing. Dubai and Egypt are the two Islamic states and are respected on campus. Make sure the clothes you wear is not too sparse .

In general, the clothes you wear at home are the same as those you wear in Dubai and Egypt to be .

You can use your credit card if you are in an area and it is probably the best way to pay for things . It provides protection against loss, theft and damage and is easy to carry. There will be vending machines on campus , which is very convenient. Just be sure to let your bank you are traveling before you leave.
Students who have been accepted on a full time basis will receive a sponsored visa. You may be a small fee for the visa itself and greater passport to pay the deposit . That should come to about $ 400. In addition, there may be health screening .

I hope this article has some suggestions on how to study abroad provided - not only in Dubai and Egypt - but where the interests and expertise in the subject you are studying. Wherever you look , good luck!

Sep 5, 2013

MBA Notes - Media Planning Process

The word Media came from the Latin word "Middle". Media Planning, in advertising, is a sequence of decisions involving the transmission of message to the segmented audience. Media Plan is the plan that details the usage of media in an advertising campaign including markets, costs, reach, running dates, rationales, frequency and strategies.
Steps in Development of Media Plan
Market Analysis
Every media plan starts with the market research or environmental analysis. Complete review of internal and external factors is essential to be done. Media planners try to identify answers of the following questions:
What internal and external factors may influence the media plan? 
Who are the target customers?
Where and when to focus the advertising efforts?
The target audience can be classified in different variables like age, sex, income, occupation etc. The classification of target customers helps media planner to recognize the media utilization tendency, and accordingly select the most suitable media or media mix.
Establishing Media Objective
Media objectives explain what you want the media plan to achieve. There are 5 key media objectives that a advertiser or media planner has to consider - reach, frequency, continuity, cost, and weight.
Reach - Reach refers to the number of customers that will be showing to a media at least once during a given time period.
Frequency - Average number of times an individual within target audience is uncovered to a media vehicle during a given time period.
Continuity - It indicates the pattern of advertisements in a media timetable. Continuity alternatives are as follows:
Continuous: tactic of organizing campaign evenly over a time period.
Pulsing: Strategy of running campaign progressively over a time span with intermittent increase in advertising at certain intervals, as during events or special occasions like World-Cup or New Year celebration.
Discontinuous: plan of promotion a lot only at certain intervals, and no advertising in the interim period, as in case of seasonal products.
Cost - It refers to the cost of different media
Weight - Weight refers to total advertising essential during a specific stage.
Determining Media Strategies
Media strategy is determined to consider as follows:
Media Mix - From the broad diversity of media vehicles, the advertiser can utilize one vehicle or mix appropriate vehicles.
Target Market
Scheduling - It refers the lot of advertisements, size of advertisements, and time on which advertisements to appear.
Seasonal Pulse: Seasonal goods like cold creams follow this preparation.
Steady Pulse: It is scheduling 1 ad which shown over a period of time, say 1 ad per week or 1 ad per month.
Periodic Pulse: A standard guide is followed in such scheduling, as in case of consumer strong and non durable.
Erratic Pulse: No usual pattern is followed in such scheduling.
Start-up Pulse: When to launch new product or services such scheduling is followed.
Promotional Pulse: This is for short time, only for a promotional time.
Reach and frequency
Creative Aspects - Creativity in ad campaigns decides the accomplishment of the product, but to employ this creativity firm must employ a media that supports such a strategy.
Flexibility - An effectual media strategy should be flexible.
Budget Considerations - In determining media planning and strategy money must be estimated and budget must be considered.
Media Selection - It covers two big decisions - selection of media class, and selection of media vehicle within media class.
Implementation of Media Plan
The implementation of media plan requires media buying. Time and space buying in the selected media refers Media Buying. Following are the steps in media buying:
Collection of information: Media buying requires enough information about nature of segmented audience, nature of target market, etc.
Selection of Media/Media Mix: Considering the gathering information and ad-budget, media or media mix is chosen which suits the necessities of both - target audience and advertiser.
Negotiation: Price of media is communicated to procure media at the low possible price.
Issuing Ad - copy to media: Ad-copy is issued to the media for telecast or broadcast.
Monitoring performance of Media: Advertiser has to observe whether the telecast or broadcast of ad is done correctly as decided.
Payment - It is the advertiser responsibility to make payment of media bills on time finally.
Evaluation and Follow-up
Evaluation is necessary to judge the performance of any activity. Two factors are vital in assessment of media plan:
How successful were the strategies in achieving media objectives?
Was the media plan victorious in accomplishing advertising objective?
Successful strategies help to construct confidence and serve as reference for developing media strategies in future, and failure is in detail analyzed to avoid mistakes in future.

Sep 4, 2013

MBA Notes - Advertising as Mass Communication and Communication Mix

Advertising is a form of mass communication
Off course, advertising is a form of mass communication. Advertising is a process of transmitting of information by the producer or a seller of a merchandise or service to transform or stimulate the buyer behavior to purchase a particular product or services. Advertising can be in various form of appearance such as Newspapers, magazines, internet, social media, sign, symbol, Commercials on TV or radio, poster etc. as we can say that advertising is the two way communication link between the buyer and seller.
Commercial Advertising is a paid form of a non-personal message communicated through the various media by business firms, industries, nonprofit organizations, or individuals. Advertising must be informational and persuasive and planned to motivate the buying behavior and/or influence patterns of the buyer.
Advertising industry makes mass consumption possible which is the basic ingredients of today's trendy culture. Advertising is an essential element of our culture because it reflects and attempts to modify our life styles.
Advertisers can get their audiences via TV, radio, Movies, print media, outdoor advertising, Personal Selling and the web as well. The advertising message has to reach a billion people, speaking different languages, practicing many religions. Hence, advertising has to consider mass communication.

Marketing Communication Mix
The marketing communication mix is the specific mix of advertising, sales promotion, public relation, personal selling and direct marketing a company uses to enforce its advertising and promotional objectives. Elements of the mix are blended in different quantities in a campaign.

Elements of communication mix
Marketing communications has a marketing mix. Essentials of the mix are mingling in different quantities in a advertisement campaign.  There are the elements of marketing communication mix:-
Advertising - Advertising is paid form of public presentation and promotion of goods, ideas or services by recognized sponsor.
Personal selling – Some organizations are use to with Personal presentation by the selling force for the purpose of making sales and build client relationship.
Sales promotion - Short time benefits to persuade sales or buys of a product or service.
Sponsorship - Sponsorship is about providing funds to an occasion or event, in-turn the product or company is approved for doing so.
Direct marketing - Direct communication for example telephone contact, email, postal mail, with carefully segmented  and targeted individual potential customers to obtain instant reply and cultivate lasting relationship.
E-marketing - Online marketing is also making impact to advertise the product or services, to buy space on famous web pages or being a web publisher to promotion.
Public relation - Building good relationship with the firm's a variety of publics by obtaining positive exposure, building up a good company image, and handling unfavorable rumors, stories, and events.


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