Aug 4, 2014

Considering MBA in Financial Management

If you are considering an MBA with an emphasis in management accounts or financial management, there are plenty of jobs available for you within the financial industry. Most possible jobs for finance majors fall within investment banks, securities firms and companies; However, many of the finance MBA graduates pursuing careers in the consulting industry too. From financial management positions are high paying jobs with a lot of opportunities, an MBA with emphasis in finance worth serious consideration.
Financial managers and financial analysts
Both financial analysts and managers use historical data to make decisions; however, the financial manager oversees production analysis and reporting to help the company in business development and strategic financial planning. On the other hand, financial analysts use the reports to shape investment and business growth of the company. Financial analysts also use effective management strategies help the company grow efficiently and maximize profits.

Financial managers and analysts also play an important role in mergers, acquisitions and global financing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that financial managers / analysts make between $ 99,330 and $ 135,070 per year.

Additional Careers for MBA with emphasis in Finance
The following are some additional items that are available for MBA graduates with an emphasis in finance:

Managers Accounting - Accounting managers are responsible for the tax and the creation of income statements of groups of drivers and auditing. An MBA with emphasis in finance also offers the courses needed to prepare for the CPA exam. This can also lead to career positions as corporate treasurer, corporate controller, or CFO (Chief Financial Officer). The average salary for accounting managers is $ 81,000.

Company Drivers - main function of a controller is to prepare reports to help forecast / predict the financial situation of the company. These reports consist of balance sheets, income statements, analysis of results and cost analysis. A controller also oversees the company budget, auditing and accounting departments. Salaries for business drivers range between $ 60.028 and $ 153.091, depending on the company and location.

CFOs - Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees all accounting and financial operations within an organization. He / she will also manage the overall financial policies and strategies of the company. Financial managers who work for smaller companies are responsible for all financial management functions, while a CFO of a larger company delegates some or all of the responsibilities to other managers of the company. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States reported that the average CFO salary in 2008 was $ 160,000.
Treasurers and Financial Officers - Treasurers and finance officers manage the investment activities of a company by obtaining capital, supervising cash management and activity management equity investment company. Financial actors also play an important role in the merger of a company and / or acquisition activities. The average salary for treasurers and CFOs in the U.S. is $ 123,335.

Managers Cash - Cash Managers are responsible for monitoring and controlling cash flow for both accounts receivable and accounts payable. He or she is also responsible for ensuring that the cash position of the company is sufficient to meet current and anticipated needs, and whether adjustments in the amount and type of investments are needed.

Risk and Insurance Managers - Risk managers and insurance managers help minimize the amount of loss and risk a company incurs, and the amount of risk to which the company is exposed. If you are thinking of entering the field of risk management, should have a basic knowledge of profit and loss management. The average salary for risk managers and insurance is $ 98,330.

Investment bankers - Investment bankers will work with investors and institutions in order to raise capital. An MBA in the field of investment can be a huge advantage because you will be giving advice to their clients in order to raise large amounts of capital to them. Starting salaries with a range of degree of MBA from $ 90,000 to $ 180,000 (after bonuses). Bonds are typically between 10-50% of their salary to start.

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