May 1, 2014

Applying for MBA Jobs: Example Questions and Answers

You ask , the information on your professional career, your services , and what excites you expect to collect on the specific job role ( and organization) .

Here are some examples of questions you ask and what you need in your answer :

Question: Please explain your experience , including each of your job roles , responsibilities, working for organizations , data , content and reason for leaving .

Answer: Create a list of previous jobs by first your most recent role. For each , you take your key responsibilities in two or three sentences.

Emphasize the aspects of your previous roles , which was applied for the job . For example, for a role working with clients or customers, you can say :

Of sales experience in a national retail chain , where I acquired an understanding of how customers have been consulted , and made confident that their ideas and concerns are taken into account in order to feel .
Question: What is your biggest success?

Answer: This is the question not only what you are most proud of , but also which of your services has real value for you. Here we recommend to show you that you share similar values ​​and goals of the organization , so it is important to do your research on the organization before you react. Be sure to be honest ; what you say can be taken up to interview.

Question: Why do you want to work here , this particular work / want ?

Answer: This question is your motivation and, in particular , asks you to show that you think about how far have given your particular interests and objectives of the job or the organization. You need to get the job / organization carefully to explore as precisely as possible to give an answer .

For example:
After attending a graduate fair and meeting your organisation, I was impressed to find out how much emphasis is placed on professional development and training.

I have always wanted to work in overseas economic development as I would like to make a positive contribution to those living in less affluent countries.

I see this trainee ship as providing with me a strong foundation for work in the finance and professional services industry; my medium-term goal is to work in an audit department.

You can also expect questions to test your skills, abilities, knowledge and experience (SAKE). This is where you are most likely to encounter competency-based questions, for example:

Question: Why do you believe to have for this job?

Answer: You need to describe how you match your skills , abilities , knowledge and experience to the job but also explain your motivation and goals.

Question: Give an example of when you worked on a team project . What was the outcome and what was your role in the team ?

Answer: Start by taking a brief description of the project. Explain what your role was (as you supported colleagues , manages your and the other time was on progress , etc. ) and what you learned about yourself as a team member and team work. Explain what you might do differently with the benefit of hindsight .

Question: Give an example of the teaching of complex or difficult information to individuals or groups.

Answer: Examples can be drawn from all areas of your life , but you have to have to explain the context.

For example:
During the third year of my course , I pupils look at the review and validation of the Panel was asked to represent . This involved to speak and answer questions from the 17 scientific staff.

My work with the Citizens Advice Bureau brings discuss sensitive issues with clients. I observe the strictest confidence and give customers a lot of time to collect her thoughts ; have my questions , sure, but not threatening.

Question: Give an example of the ability to work to deadlines and how to cope with work pressure.

Answer: This type of question , the information about your time management and organizational skills . The experience of " working pressure " can be both exhilarating and debilitating and this type of question is probing how you behave when they are under pressure.

For example:
During my studies I have always planned my time carefully and set myself a deadline before the due date for each task; my coursework was never too late.

I really enjoy a challenge. While on internship , I again had a document to draw up overnight because of the new information in the late afternoon.

One of my strategies is to ensure that each member of the hockey team has clear instructions . Both e- mail and text several days before the game and I organize additional reserves for Away Games

Question: Give an example of how you have had , or research or analysis of complex information . What methods have you used and how you present your findings ?

Answer: Such a question could be used to measure your ability to be used for problem solving.

For example:
For my thesis I wanted to know how to set up a student-led social enterprises. A review of published literature was used a questionnaire that is . Upon the relationship between the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Faculty of Design

The results of my experiment, a series of Excel spreadsheets from which I downloaded created bar charts that have been used in a PowerPoint presentation for the other members of the working group.

My research findings were used to inform a new marketing campaign , because I was able to fill a gap in the understanding to identify how to use the product customers.

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