Sep 12, 2012

MBA Study in Malaysia

Type of Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MBA courses at the Université Nationale de Malaisie, universities and private colleges privé dans offered cooperation with universities abroad. En Malaisie there are different types of MBA courses, such as: Executive MBA, International Executive MBA, modulaire MBA, MBA Corporate and entreprises MBA.

MBA courses
Can MBA courses in two categories, namely academic courses and professional training courses. Students can choose according to their characteristics and interests. There are specialized MBA courses for those who are interested or have for those who want to experience the administration of a particular industry. Below is a list of MBA courses:

MBA in Marketing / Strategic Marketing

MBA in E-Commerce

MBA in Finance / Financial Management

MBA (General)


MBA in General Management

MBA in Finance & Investment

MBA in Information Technology
MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Public Relations

MBA in Advertising

MBA in Total Quality Management

MBA in International Management

MBA in Construction & Real Estate

Learning MBA
MBA courses are offered full-time and part-time system. Full-time student usually takes 1-2 years and the lack of full-time up to 5 years. Amateur system or part-time MBA program is primarily to meet the needs of working students, meet.

In recent years, many MBA courses introduced and even offered through distance education and open learning. This method of learning allows students the opportunity to work for themselves and use their free time to learn. The latest online MBA courses or distance learning students developed concept adopted Internet technology and behavior classes with their teachers via the Internet.

Why MBA courses
The first is to be offered access to knowledge and skills in MBA courses. MBA MBA courses have. A broad spectrum, including marketing, finance, human resource management, management of information technology, operations and quality management, strategy and policy analysis A good MBA program to collect and extract knowledge from the students , skills and experiences, give everyone a valuable learning experience. In other high-level exchanges, innovative ideas for a fundamental change of business valuation and expressed and developed.

MBA courses allows students to be more effective and deliver exceptional performance in their future work. Those who have completed MBA are highly qualified to work in large companies so they can offer a complete range of functions through the operation of the company. You also have the ability to work more efficiently, to lead the company in its economic development.

Modern enterprises are increasingly complex. Therefore, they need an efficient operator that has the ability, management skills for large and beautiful in society have to use functional areas to ensure effective control and the unit.

Requirement for most MBA courses is designed for students, 3-5 years experience and have completed their first degree they have. However, some students who want to participate in MBA courses not first degree, but a rich experience. You do not want treatment because they require recycling in certain areas. These conditions are generally acceptable.

MBA courses tailored to their age
F ull-time students in the MBA courses are usually post-graduate at the age of 30 years. This age group. Typically, several years of work experience, but not yet married, so his MBA degree is not a burden Amateur students are generally between 30-50 years.

Cost of MBA courses
In Malaysia, Complete MBA rates at least RM15, 000 and a portion of the costs can be as high as RM50, 000 and above. But Malaysia has many commercial banks is pleased to provide flexible learning for qualified candidates. In addition, many schools also try to reduce the cost or offer flexible payment plans.

Some schools also offer funds, scholarships or half full, as the University of Putrajaya Malaysia (UPM) MBA students special scholarships. Distance learning and online learning, the cost of the study. The universities currently offer two online MBA courses is a university Duilasa (UNITAR) and the other is the Action Learning Center. I think it will in the near future, there are many institutions offering MBA distance learning and the use of distance learning MBA is at least a third less expensive compared to traditional classroom program of studies.

Why study an MBA in Malaysia
In Malaysia, the overall rates of enrollment MBA RM15, 000 - RM50, 000 For example Duilasa University (UNITAR) for the online MBA course is RM15, 000 tuition rates in Malaysia is cheap. If other countries learning MBA course is 2-5 times more expensive than in Spain, taking into account the cost of travel and subsistence.

Students of MBA courses in Malaysia can be of different universities with MBA how to choose the University of Malaya, the British University and universities in the United States or Australia. All MBA courses are foreign universities identicalThe following universities offer MBA courses in Malaysia:

Malaysia Multimedia University
Malaysian University
University of Malaysia Duilasa
University of Putrajaya Malaysia
International Islamic University of Malaysia
Malaysia Technology University
University of Malaya

Foreign partner universities that offer MBA courses
In the past year, Malaysia offered MBA courses in partnership with foreign universities. These foreign universities are:

    Asian Institute of Management, Philippines
    Charles Sturt University , Australia
    Cranfield University , UK
    Henley Management College , UK
    Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
    European University of Ireland
    New Castle Australia
    Nottingham Trent University, UK in association with Financial Time Management
    Southern Cross Australia
    Staffordshire University , UK
    The American University of Hawaii, USA
    The University of Hull, UK
    University of Bath , UK
    University of Dubuque , Iowa, USA
    University of Lincolnshire & Humbershire, UK
    University of Reading , UK
    University of South Australia
    University of Strathclyde , UK


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