Mar 3, 2013

MBA Study in Canada

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a professional graduate students instructed in the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully manage, lead, manage, plan, organize and or constantly changing, complex, specific and / general, national and global business environments, organizations, relationships and situations. In addition, MBA programs normally. Than just teach business fundamentals and disciplines and in the development, which some refer to as "soft skills" to expand That is, an MBA education students develop their analytical, communication, leadership, broadly defined, interpersonal, networking and team skills, and the ability to anticipate and adapt to change, effective use of various technologies, and work in a globalized economic structure. MBA programs in Canada vary in duration from 10 months to about 2 years, but because their structures and curricula vary widely a universal description, learn exactly what a student is impossible. However, the MBA programs fall into three categories, including generalized, specialized and combined.

A general, sometimes referred to as generic, general management, or traditional MBA program makes a student of management knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully operate within and between a variety of different sectors of the economy. Generalized degrees are typically 2 years. The first year is the investigation of a basic core of fundamentals, which usually includes Business Strategy Analysis, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Management Statistics and Data Analysis, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Managerial Finance, and Operations Management Managing organizations dedicated. The second year either dipped deeper into general management or area of ​​concentration, selected as offered by the students under the options of his / her program.

Specialized MBA degrees are often 1 year or less in duration and offer an individual the opportunity to sharpen his / her knowledge and skills in a particular area or aspect of the business and thus the development of the skills, by and for a particular field industry are required or industry. Some schools, such as Simon Fraser University, also offer customized MBA programs in line with the needs of each company develops. The latter type of specialized programs that sometimes tailored as a "corporate MBAs", but usually only for employees of the company, for the MBA.

Combined MBA programs, which are often long up to 4 years, the students simultaneously earn a degree in business and other discipline, including agriculture, arts, engineering, law, medicine, among others. The MBA part of a combined degree can be either generalized or specialized depending on the structure of the program. There is no definitive answer to the question, what kind of MBA is an advantage for people to achieve their respective goals. Some employers, for example, prefer to persons who can in a variety of different areas of administration and in such cases. Someone with a general management degree Therefore, before turning to a program, you can also want to ask what kind of completion of the work potential employers in the industry or sector in which you pursue your studies. Have an MBA, but has the potential to open up many new career opportunities in the private, public and not-for-profit sector. An MBA, especially a generalized one, has the ability to be a versatile program allows an individual to new and diverse fields or move between different areas within a particular company and / or field. For example, an individual employment data analyst marketing consultant for business strategist change. Moreover, although they traditionally seen as an advocate of a degree aspirations within the business processes, an MBA opens up opportunities in many other areas. MBA graduates, for example, educators in post-secondary institutions where a doctoral degree has become not necessary to pursue media analysts, researchers or doctoral-level studies, among others.

The exact form, content and the possibility of a program provides a learner from program to program and school to school vary. Some programs, such as those offered at the University of Windsor and McMaster afford comprehensive cooperative learning and to people with limited professional experience targeted at the Queens University focuses on a specialized MBA for individuals interested in science and technology. Thus, depending on what an individual wants and can in a program, he / she may be limited study in his / her choices of schools and places where.

In sum, an MBA is a professional degree designed to equip students with the specific and/or general knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to advance one's career aspirations in business and beyond. Typically, to be considered for admission to an MBA program in Canada, an applicant should possess a 4-year undergraduate degree, a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score, work experience, and, for international applicants whose primary language of education is not English, a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score. Each individual school establishes the specifics of the aforementioned admissions criteria, as well as any other prerequisites.

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