Jan 12, 2010

Gmat Test-Advice on taking the gmat test

If you must guess the answer to a question, try to eliminate at least one answer choice, rather than just randomly guess. This improves the chances - the 'odds'. In most questions, at least one answer choice will be obviously wrong. Eliminate it, then guess if you need to .
Look out for easy answer
choicesTest-writers like to tempt you with plausible but wrong answer choices. So, remember . -For problem solving questions, wrong-answer choices typically reflect common calculation errors. To avoid this:use your pencil and scratch paper check your calculationsestablish the general size of the numerical value that answers the question. -Verbal section questions often include a best response and a second-best response. So, don't rush to select an answer until you've read all the choices! .
Pace yourself
Be sure that you have enough time to consider every available question. Check your pace after every 10 questions (three times during a section). Pay attention to where you are in the test, the number of questions that remain in a section, and the amount of time you have left. You will have 75 minutes for 37 quantitative questions and 75 minutes for 41 verbal questions. That's about 2 minutes for each quantitative question 1 3/4 minutes for each verbal question If you do not know the answer to a question, or it's too time-consuming to figure out, guess. You cannot skip a question and go back to it, or change your answer once you have moved on to the next question. For the Analytical Writing Assessment, you will have 30 minutes to compose each of two essays.
Start slowly
The difficulty level of your test questions will be based on the correctness of your responses to first ones. If you answer the first questions wrongly the testing system will immediately move you down the scale of difficulty, and your reward for easier questions is less than for more difficult questions. If – for example through carelessness on the early questions- you give the testing system the impression that you're incapable of answering difficult questions correctly, you'll disadvantage yourself on the test.
Don't aim to be perfect
Again – don't be a perfectionist. The design of the test may encourage this attitude, because the reward for correct answers to difficult questions is greater than for easier questions. But aiming to be perfect may reduce the number of questions that you attempt, and lower your score
'Attack' every question
Do not become casual. Retain your concentration throughout. To score high on the test, think about each and every question fully .
Do your calculations on paper
On the quantitative section, only do the simplest calculations in your head; write down everything else. Under time pressures it's too easy to make careless mental errors in manipulating numbers, equations etc
RE-TAKING THE TESTYou cannot take the test more than once in a calendar month, even if you have taken it and cancelled your scores. If you do test more than once in a calendar month, your new scores will not be reported and your fee will be forfeited. You may repeat the test once in any subsequent month. However, it is unlikely to result in significant increase in your score. For most people repeating the test from a lower than average score - the average gain from the first to second testing is approximately 30 points in the test total score.Sometimes it is necessary to take the test more than one time. For example, a Business School may request more recent scores than you have on record. But, unless your scores seemed to you to be unusually low ( being honest with yourself) or unless there are other reasons to think that you did not do your best, taking the test again may not be helpful.If your scores are unusually low compared with other indicators of your preparation for management study, consider the reasons that may have caused this. If, for example, you did not fully or properly prepare, you probably did not perform to the best of your ability. In this case, adequate preparation before re-testing will help you demonstrate your actual ability.If you repeat the test, your scores from the latest test and the two most recent test dates in the past five years will be reported to the Schools you designate.

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